Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th April 2021 Written Update: Randhir and Amrit to come face to face?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Veer saying sometimes a person is so mesmirised by someone that he listens something but makes something else. Veer says I am sorry by mistake I painted my wife, her beauty is the thing I got influenced by. Randhir says what is the name of your wife? Veer says Amrit. Randhir gets emotional and says Amrit. Veer says talk with respect he is the queen and my wife. Randhir says that day you were marrying to her. Veer says yes. Veer goes. Randhir thinks of past events of that day and how he met Bhanu and wished luck to Veer.

Amrit comes to Vijender and says sorry but I just wanted to know Anandita’s story. Vijender says what if she would have agreed, would you be able to handle that your husband loves someone else? Amrit says before my husband he is a human being and he has the right to love someone else. Vijender feels proud of Amrit. The family servant comes and says Rani ma will never accept her. Vijender says she will. Servant says going by Rani ma’s past she will not. Amrit asks him why he came? Servant says Rani sahiba has asked you to do rasoi ki rasam. Amrit says okay let’s go. Here, Veer says come Randhir will make you meet her in real. Veer takes Randhir and calls out Amrit. Veer goes. Randhit hears payal noise in the hallway and gets more emotional. Veer says Amrit here you are meet my friend, he turns and sees Randhir is not here. Randhir leaves crying and remembering Amrit.

Here, Bhanu and Uday both sit without eating anything from plate. Bhanu tries to calm Uday. Uday agrees to eat but by mistake the bowl of dal fell. Saroj shouts at Uday saying he is not earning and eating for free and made the bowl fall. Uday gets up and leaves. Bhanu asks Saroj to control her emotions and scolds her. Here, Amrit asks Veer to empty the cupboard. He says I will get this thrown out. She says I will throw these pics if you say, what happened, you said it, you got me here as your wife, I will throw the pics. He scolds her. She says you said its junk, what’s special in it. He says don’t argue with me, don’t try to sneak into my life, keep the things back.

Uday hits the wall and hurts himself. He cries and says I couldn’t help my sister and Vashma. Vashma cries seeing him. She says I came to see you smiling, you are hurting yourself, I m getting the pain, don’t do this. She stops him. He asks who are you, I don’t need any sympathy, I m useless. She asks how will you fight the problems if you hurt yourself. He asks are you Vashma. She asks who Vashma. He says sorry, your voice is like my Vashma’s. She asks is she special. He says she is my everything, my life, I m not alive without her, I m just alone, I hope to meet her some day. He says I don’t wish yourVashma returns in this avatar, Vashma is a pure girl, I m a Tawaif, Noor Meher. She laughs and says just my voice matches with your Vashma. He says no. She says you aren’t like others, else people make me leave from the locality, why are you hurting yourself. He says I m useless.

She says Lord has given some talent to everyone. He asks why doesn’t Lord stop others from doing wrong, Lord didn’t help my sister, why. Vashma says injustice happens with many girls, we girls at the brothel don’t get any tutor, its not our mistake to be there. She thinks Uday can teach us, but how can I tell this to her, but I should try to convince her. She says I got habitual to close eyes after seeing everything, you also get habitual, your pain will get less. She goes.

Randhir comes to confront Bhanu and Saroj. He says Amrit was my fiancee, I love her, how can you do this. Saroj says we didn’t this for Amrit, what would she get with you. He asks is love not enough. She argues. She says we are her family, we did what we found right, how could we give her to you. Randhir scolds her. He says you have separated two lovers, I will find out everything. Amrit gets Randhir’s letter there. She reads… you love has come back finding you, where are you, I m dying to see you. Its Randhir’s note for the ad. Amrit thinks of Randhir.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer shows that a person came to make a painting of her lover. Amrit asks who was he? Veer says Randhir.