Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th May 2021 Written Update: Vijender to know something shocking!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir finding out that Veer was the one who pushed Saroj. He gets very angry. He goes to Veer. Amrit noticea him go. Veer is ordering someone to pretend as Randhir and that on Ram Navami Amrit will be my forever. Veer is surprised to see Vijender. Vijender asks what is the surprise? Veer says when Rani ma wins I am planning for that, I know I will win. He sends Vijender. Veer is coming back to mahal when Randhir comes to Veer and holds his collar. Randhir says you saythat you consider me younger brother but you are back stabbing me? I know you pushed Saroj and made it seem like I did it. Veer says you are misunderstanding me, I am trying to help you and specially Amrit who has gone through so much just for me and her promise. Randhir says tell these lies to Amrit, she might believe it but not me, for a second I was believing you but you can never change.

Veer says Amrit coming and he brings Randhir’s hands on his neck and says if making two lovers one is punishment then kill me. Amrit pushes Randhir and says Veer is helping me so much and now helping Uday and Vashma too and you are doing this? Veer says Amrit it’s not Randhir’s fault, it’s normal to think that way. Amrit asks Randhir to leave. After Randhir leaves, Veer asks Amrit to forgive Randhir. Amrit leaves. Veer is shocked to see Vijender there who is shocked to know about Randhir and Amrit.

Here, Amrit comes to Randhir. Randhir ia angry and is about to leave. Amrit stops him. Randhir says what happened now? How can you be seen with another man who is not your husband? Amrit says for thw world I am Veer’s wife. Randhir says by following your promise you have really got close to Veer. Randhir says I can’t see my love get away form me so I am leaving. Amrit cries. Randhir sadly leaves.

In the room, Veer says how Amrit is so nice and selfless, how can I let that Randhir have something so precious. Vijender says but Randhir came first in her life and they love each other, and why did you hid things from me? Veer says but for first time someone is there who thinks of me, I want that care and love, and think if it gets out how broken will Nalini be, I didn’t want to trouble anyone so that’s why I didn’t tell anyone. Veer requests to help him this time, also be with him by not telling Nalini. Veer folds his hands requests to Vijender. Vijender nods and leaves.

On the radio, the comentator says how Nalini is leading kn votes from his other competitors. Here, Amrit is making Vashma ready for her mehendi. They are happy and celebrate. Outside, Veer orders someone to get up like Randhir. He sees Vijender and asks him if he told Nalini anything yet? Vijender is sad and goes from there silently.

Everyone is appreciating the decoration for the rasam. Chachi asks Amrit that why she didn’t go to Uday’s for the rasam? Amrit says Veer said all the rasams for both will happen here only. Amrit appreciates Chachi and her looks. Amrit says let Nalini come then we can start. Chachi says Nalini is not coming as she doesn’t like the fact that the rasams of outsiders are happening in mahal. Chachi says Veer is so selfless that by doing this he is going away from Nalini further. Amrit sees Veer doing arrangements and thinks how he is doing so much for her. Amrit goes to Nalini and says see Rani ma what your son did? Nalini says what he did? Amrit says you said no for Uday and Vashma’s marriage so he was thinking to add these sleeping pills in your milk. Nalini is shocked. Amrit says I spotted it and stopped it by hiding these pills. Amrit says are you seeing this? He might kill anyone next time.

Amrit says It’s clear how Veer doesn’t care and love you, I am thinking we should add these pills in his food instead. Nalini says what are you saying? Veer is my son, I know him how much he loves me, he can never do this to me, how dare you! Amrit says I knew it that you love Veer too, but you don’t show it to him, insteas you should shower your love at him. Nalini says stop this nonsense. Amrit says I have suffered due to partition and losing my mother but you should spend time with your son and be part of his decisions like this wedding. Vijender is looking at them and is happy by Amrit.

The rasam starts. Veer is happy to see Nalini. Chachi says the family applies mehendi to the girl first. Randhir says I am like his elder brother. Saroj tries to create a scene but seeing everyone, she geta silence. Veer thinks just few more moments of good time for Randhir. Here, Uday remembers his parents ans Vashma remembers her.

Episode ends.

Precap: the mehendi celebration goes on. Veer executes his final plan.