Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th April 2021 Written Update: Randhir to ask Amrit the reason for her actions?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode begins with Amrit shocked hearing Randhir is coming. She goes to her room. Veer meets Randhir and takes him to meet Amrit. Veer comes to room and says Amrit yoi forgot the door lock is broken. Randhir enters and Amrit and Randhir watch each other for a long time and remembering their past moments. Amrit imagines her going and hugging Randhir. But she comes out of imagination. Here, Vashma says I will be ready in some time. She gets sad and goes out. She gets shocked seeing Uday in the brothel. She hides. Uday asks for Noor Meher. The girl says yes, she stays here. Uday says I met her, I realized that she changed my thinking, I was feeling lost since a long time, I couldn’t save my sister, if I could help you all, then I would be glad, give me a chance to teach. The girl praises him for his decency. She says we can’t give you money for teaching us. He says pray for my sister, will Noor come to study. Vashma cries and turns away. She says you teach them, I don’t need it. He asks her to listen. She goes.

Here, Veer ties Amrit’s saree. He compliments her beauty. He asks how is our jodi. Randhir says unique, I m speechless. Veer says you didn’t have the sweets made by her, you would be jealous then. Randhir says I m already jealous. Veer asks her to come for rasam. Randhir says I need to talk to you, Amrit. She goes. Bindu comes to dine. She says Mohan gifted me a make up set. Randhir says I will leave. Nalini asks Amrit to feed the sweets to Randhir. Amrit and Veer go. Amrit cries. Veer says you are doing bad acting, you have to show your happiness, that you are giving me happiness. He takes her. Amrit says I hope you all will like the sweetdish.

Veer says me and my wife will have good in one plate. Randhir gets sad. He refuses to have sweets. Veer says you can share it from my plate, I won’t share my relations and fate with you. Randhir says I had everything before the partition, now I have nothing. Vashma gets ready. She recalls Uday. Uday is around. She cries and goes. She sees him and gets shocked. She turns away. He says I know you are Noor Meher, I saw your bangle. She asks what do you want. He says I want your time, you told me good things, why are you running away from studies. She says I can’t waste my time on you. She stumbles. He holds her hand. She cries. He asks her to say if she is upset with him, why do you want me to not come here. Her dupatta falls over him. He asks her to take her dupatta. She thinks to do something to stop him from seeing her face. She throws water on his face and colds him. She asks him to leave.

Amrit cries. Randhir comes and holds her tear. He holds her face and says my Amrit. She cries. He says you got married. Veer thinks where is Amrit. He goes. Randhir says I just want an answer, did you really. Veer comes there. Amrit sees Veer and goes out. Randhir hides. Veer says you got late, I thought you are making a new plan to cheat me. Amrit says yes, I thought to add chilli in your food, to make your anger come out, I thought you can’t tolerate it, so changed my intention. Veer thanks her and smiles. She sees Randhir sitting with everyone. Veer asks Amrit to sit close to him. Nalini says I m going to Ramgarh for my vote bank. Vijender says all arrangements are done. Nalini asks Randhir what does he do these days. Randhir says I m helping a newspaper editor in election news. Vijender asks did you find out your fiancee. Randhir sees Amrit.

Episode ends.

Uday says I won’t go until you agree to study. Randhir says I want to talk to you. Amrit refuses. He leaves a note for her. Veer gets that note. She worries.