Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th June 2021 Written Update: Amrit and Randhir to unite?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir giving the money and monthly expense list to Mohan. Mohan fumes thinking he is acting as he owns everything. Randhir greets and leaves. Randhir sees Veer’s picture and remembers past. Uday comes and tells Randhir to talk to Amrit. Here, Vashma talks to Amrit about same matter. Amrit says how it is difficult for her as well because of sudden death of Veer. Vashma and Uday ask them to take some action fast.

Here, Nalini is crying remembering how she taunted Veer when he was alive. Amrit comes and calms him. She asks Nalini to eat food and medicines as she hasn’t eaten anything from past 2 days. Nalini cries and says I wish I could hear if Veer could say she forgave me. Amrit tells Nalini that Veer loved her so much no matter what. Nalini cries unstoppable. Amrit asks Nalini how she used to make Veer calm when he used to cry in his childhood? Nalini says I used to cry more than Veer and then Veer used to get calm.

Amrit starts crying, Nalini watches in amazement. Nalini says what are you doing? Amrit says you are Veer’s mom so I am expecting same reply from you too. Nalini says okay I will eat. Amrit feeds her. Randhir watches and smiles seeing them like this. Nalini blessed Amrit and asks forgiveness from her as she used to taunt her. Amrit says you are my mom so don’t say sorry. Amrit and Nalini call each other down. Randhir comes and calls Nalini for havan.

Everyone comes together for havan. Naman takes out cash from an envelope, Vijender watches in anger. Uday sees Naman eyeing Vashma so he protects her. Pandit ji declares the puja to be over. Randhir gives a speech on how Veer can never replace anyone but I will be two sons of this family and I will find who did this. He says I promise that no one would think to become threat to my family from now on. Randhir sees the diya of Veer flutter so he and Amrit both put their hands to save the diya and it lights. They have a eye lock.

Nalini asks Randhir to find the reason of this and take me to that place where Veer died. Randhir says okay. Later, Randhir and Amrit are alone and they discuss about whether to tell Nalini about thier love. Randhir says Veer also wanted this. Amrit says if things would have been normal then she would have herself told Nalini but the situation has turned very difficult. Randhir says then what about our love? I know, even I am sad about what happened but how is this justice to us? They look on. They go to their old Mahal where they see a lady already in the Mahal as a rani and she stops Amrit from entering.

Episode ends.

Precap: Randhir tells Amrit that he will tell Nalini truth. Here, Vijender plans against Randhir

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