Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th May 2021 Written Update: Nalini to win the election?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer storming off inside seeing Amrit and Randhir smiling at each other. Vijender sees it and follows Veer. Vijender says I don’t like hiding things from Nalini but I see your happiness with Amrit too, so I will not let Nalini’s trust break on you. Veer thanks Vijender to be on his side. Veer thinks now no one can stop him from winning. Vashma and Uday are about to take blessing of Bhanu and Saroj but Saroj says start from Vijender and Nalini. Then Saroj asks to take blesses from him who helped them united.

Randhir thinks it’s him but Saroj says Veer. Veer comes forward with a jewellery set. Veer blesses Vashma and says if you ever need anything I am here for you one call away. Bhanu congratulates Uday on finally his dreams to marry Vashma coming true. Randhir is angry seeing Veer act innocent. Amrit asks Vashma to dance and celebrate. Vashma sings and dances. Everyone dances ans enjoys.

Chacha ji says Nalini has forgotten about results of election, what kind of PA you have so inefficient. Randhir says I know the results will be announced, so let us all go near radio. They are about to go when Saroj pushes Randhir to take revenge and Randhir falls. Nalini gets worried and says I know Saroj did it intentionally. Saroj says it was by mistake but Nalini doesn’t believe her and gives her a warning. Randhir says let it go Rani ma, the day I will learn to get answers then she will understand. Saroj smirks. Everyone goes inside.

Amrit stops Saroj and asks her to leave Randhir out of this and why she is doing this with him? Saroj makes a big issue of it and says you will feel good when that Randhir does bad with me? She asks Bhanu to take her home. Here, Veer aska Vijender that for him to suceed, Saroj and everyone should stay in Mahal. So, seeing Saroj leave, Vijender comes to stop them by saying, there are many arrangements for them and asks them to stay as aftwe marriage the newly wed couples will also go with them. Seeing Veer ans Vijender request, Saroj stays. Amrit happily takes Vashma ans Uday inside while Veer asks Bhanu and Saroj to eat something first.

Later, in the radio it’s announced that Nalini wins. Randhir congratulates Nalini. Everyone is elated but Chacha ji leaves angrily. Here, Amrit gives kheer to Veer saying Rani ma’s favourite is this kheer so go and feed her. Veer says she might not like it from me. Amrit says you are her son and she loves you no matter what, so go. Veer trusts Amrit and takes the kheer to Nalini. Veer feeds her the kheer and congratulats her. Nalini feeds Veer too. Veer is happy. He is about to hug her but Nalini goes ahead to feed Randhir. Veer feels jelaous.

Vijender suggets to gift the party leader and send it via Randhir. Nalini asks it’s a nice idea. Nalini says come home fast as I can’t start the celebration without you. Randhir says okay. Randhir is about to go when Veer makes the servant slip and Randhir’s dress gets spoiled. Veer calls servant to help Randhir change clothes. Randhir changes and takes leave. Veer thinks now for Randhir this Mahal’s door will be closed forever. The person Veer has asked to dress like Randhir, comes to Mahal. Veer smirks seeing his plan getting executed.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer’s plan is executed. Bhanu puts blame on Randhir that he tried to molest Saroj. Everyone gets shocked.