Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th May 2021 Written Update: Will Veer be successful?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit making Vashma and Uday play ring finding game. Vashma gets emotional. Here, Saroj says you guys continue I am going home. Saroj asks Bhanu to accompany her home as their time was wasted here. Vijender comes and asks Bhanu to arrange sweets for wedding and also for Nalini’s winning. Bhanu asks Saroj to go home as this is important and he has to see this. Saroj goes. Here, Amrit asks Vashma what happened? Vashma says I am missing our son, Kabir. Amrit tries to cheer up. Amrit asks Uday to make her understand. Amrit leaves. Uday says our son is strong, he will be alright and now your name will be attached with mine soon we will together find her. Vashma is calm so they start playing and Vashma wins.

Here, Saroj comes home and finds the home filled with darkness. Someone pushes Saroj onto bed. That person says you did very wrong by pushing me bhabhi, now it’s my turn. Saroj says Randhir? Saroj tries to run but the person over powers Saroj. He misbehaves with Saroj. Bhanu is on his way home. Here, Veer lights candle and asks Amrit to sit in light. He dances with Amrit and says I wish I get someone who loves me like you love Randhir. Amrit says surely you will get. Veer says what would have happened if Randhir wouldn’t have showed up? Amrit says then I would have waited for Randhir as I respect you a lot but I love only Randhir. Veer says what if he never returns. Amrit is shocked.

Here, the man leaves hearing Bhanu come. Saroj comes and hugs Bhanu and says Randhir came here to misbehave with me. Bhanu finds a button fallen on floor. Bhanu picks it up. Here, Veer says chill, I am just kidding, I am allowed in friendship right? Amrit nods and says Rani ma must be needing help I will go and check. Veer thinks till now my plan must be done.

Here, everyone is gathered in hall. Nalini asks where is Randhir? Randhir comes and says I am here. Amrit is happy to see him. Nalini asks how did you get so late? Bhanu comes and says I am telling you why? He came to my house to misbehave with Saroj. Everyone is shocked. Saroj comes in a mess state. Vashma and Amrit calm her. Bhanu beats Randhir. Vijender says wait let me handle the situation as I can decide who is at fault on the basis of evidence. Flashback is shown where Veer asks Vijender to take hold of situation as everyone considers him unbiased. Flashback ends. Amrit asks Saroj if she saw Randhir’s face? Saroj says due to darkness I couldn’t see the face but I saw the dress. Amrit asks Bhanu if he saw the face.

Vijender steps up and says let me decide wait. He aska Bhanu if he has any evidence. Bhanu gives the button to him. Vijender matches it with Randhir’s garment. Randhir is shocked that how come his button is there. Here, Vijender asks Randhir he should be back before one hour, what took you so long? Randhir says my car got damaged on the way and the road was isolated, so I couldn’t find a mechanic. Vijender says did anyone saw you how can say you are saying truth? Randhir says yes a beggar was there. Vijender and Veer worry thinking the beggar can be alliby of Randhir.

Amrit says maybe that beggar can come and say. Nalini asks why is Amrit so worried for Randhir. Vashma says Randhir is from other side so that’s why. Nalini says we are here to see that. Randhir says that beggar was blind. Nalini says did anyone saw the face? Saroj says what is there in face when I am saying. Vijender asks Nalini to stay out of the case for her image. Vijender declares Randhir guilty and takes him under arrest. Veer pretends like he is worried. Nalini says even I am with Randhir but I can’t do anything in police matters. Vijender takes him.

Randhir seea Veer and remembers how he pushed Saroj. Randhir says I am being framed, I will soon prove myself. Here, Manoj taunts Nalini how just after winning her PA is in jail. Manoj says thank god it happened after election. Nalini says I still don’t believe it. Here, Saroj is calmed by Vashma and Amrit. Amrit says it can’t be Randhir, I am sure someone is making Randhir get in this thing intentionally. Amrit says I just want to find the real culprit.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer puts a condition infront of Amrir to release Randhir.