Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 29th January 2021 Written Update: Amrit meets the real Randhir

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Brij asking Radha why she has worn these clothes and orders her to go to change. He leaves. Radha cries. Mogar thinks that her every day in the house will be spent crying.

On the other hand, Uday cries hugging her mother’s photo. He cries his heart out and says that he is missing her.

Meanwhile, Radha cries and tells Amrit that she wore the clothes that were on bed. Amrit trusts her. Radha asks Amrit’s mother why Brij hit Uday and if he wore someone else’s clothes too. Amrit’s mother says that he got hit because he refused to call her mother. Radha asks why such a youngster will call her mother. Amrit’s mother explains her that her age is not the matter but her relation with Uday is the one of mother. Amrit wonders if the same will happen with her too.

Vashma goes in Uday’s room and says that she knows he is sad. Uday asks her to leave if she knows that. He shuts the door of the room leaving her outside. Vashma says that problems don’t get solved by shutting themselves in the room.

Amrit comes and hugs her crying scared for what will happen to her and if her father will really get her married to an elder man. Vashma comforts her and combs her hair. They talk about Randhir.

The next morning, Uday overhears Lala and Iqbal talking about a party to celebrate Brij’s marriage and gets upset. He walks away and is followed by Vashma who wants to cheer him up but Uday asks who is she to him, what their relation is that she is getting so affected by him being sadness. Vashma covers his eyes and says that he is blind not to realize what relation they share. She leaves the dupatta around his neck and walks away.

In the evening, Amrit gets Radha ready for the celebration. Mogar comes to call them. Randhir reaches the place too and recognizes it to be the same where he came to give back the diary. He tells the same to his servant. Randhir’s father meets Lala and then introduces his son. Kiranbala looks at Randhir from balcony and likes him a lot. She rushes to tell to her mother and is keen on marrying him only. Amrit comes on balcony when the servant is hugging Lala and thinks he is Randhir, like she thought in the library.

Randhir gets inside the mansion and searches for the girl with bracelet. Amrit realizes she has lost her bracelet and tells it to Vashma. Randhir sees it on the carpet and walks towards it but he is called by someone before he can pick up the bracelet. He goes to meet a guest. Radha finds her bracelet and wears it. Randhir realizes the bracelet is not on ground anymore.

Uday is back to his room. Mogar sees him and complains that he isn’t in the party. Vashma thinks Uday will surely come since she has asked him. Mogar goes to convince Uday to join the celebration. She gives him something to drink.

Radha and Brij come downstairs. Women comment that she is beautiful and will keep her husband as servant. Karma asks Lala to introduce her daughter to him. Lala asks Zara to call Amrit. Zara does that.

Vashma is impatiently waiting for Uday who is intoxicated. Vashma goes to him and holds him since he is stumbling. She asks whether he has drunk alcohol. He stares at her. Vashma thinks that Lala will get angry if he sees him drunk. She wants to give him lemon water but her brother comes there. She has hidden Uday beside the bed on time and lies that she is just looking for Amrit’s earring.

On the other hand, a tradition with coins is about to happen. Morgan explain to Kiranbala that the less money the bride grabs in her fist, the less greedy she is. When Radha learns that she will get all the coins she will be able to grab in fist, Radha grabs all coins.

Later, Kiranbala throws haldi on Amrit’s face and acts like it was a mistake. She asks her to go to wash her face. Amrit goes covering her face with dupatta. Randhir notices her and offers help seeing her struggling to walk. She refuses but dashes into a pillar. Randhir guides her and takes her upstairs. Many phulkaris and dupattas are hanging on the terrace. He takes her to the tap and, when she is washing her face, he notices the bracelet in her wrist. She finally opens her eyes. He suggests to apply honey and then adds that burkha tried hard to hide her beauty but her eyes didn’t let it and then reveals that he is the carriage driver. Amrit is surprised to know that. Randhir says that he wore expensive clothes to break into the party. His lie gets caught when Randhir’s servant comes to call him and says that he was hiding there. Randhir says that he didn’t let him hide and walks away. Amrit smiles.

At the same time, Vashma removes Uday’s shirt to make him wear a sherwani. Uday says that he gets upset with himself when she gets upset with him and adds that he wanted to break Abrar’s hands when he hit her. He wants to go but Vashma stops him. He says that he is the best girl in the world. Vashma smiles. Uday falls on bed and Vashma falls on him. Their lockets get entangled.

Everyone is looking for Uday when Vashma comes and says Uday is waiting for them in the hall. Amrit comes in the hall and smiles shyly seeing Randhir. Everyone gathers in the hall for the ritual. Brij is about to fall but Radha holds him. Some women taunt. Randhir cheer up the situation reciting a poetry.

Amrit goes to Vashma and whispers to her that he is the real Randhir. Vashma gets happy seeing he is so fine. Amrit tells her that he is the one who took them around Lahore in carriage. Vashma pulls her leg. Randhir stares at Amrit smiling. Amrit feels shy.

Ritual consists in Uday having to sit on Radha’s lap. Uday feels shy but Vashma nods at him. He quickly sits and get up. Brij asks to touch Radha’s feet. Uday does that.

Randhir has to leave with his father. He smiles at Amrit before leaving. Amrit feels shy and hides behind a pillar. Some transgender come and dance. They praise Radha and taunt Brij who gets angry and shouts. He orders Radha to cover her face and to never unveil it. Amrit feels sad for Radha.

Episode ends

Precap: Radha counts her coin. Amrit gets heartbroken learning that Randhir’s marriage is going to happen with Kiranbala and makes her understand that he is going to be her brother-in-law.

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