Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Randhir returns to Nalini.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir crying and asking Amrit how she is so strong. Amrit consoles Randhir and says how he is her everything. Amrit says you can trust me and we will always be together. Amrit assures Randhir that soon everything will happen rightly. Randhir’s dad comes and says you should go away from here. Randhir says you don’t need to help us further. Randhir’s dad says I know you are upset from me but I did what a parent should do. Amrit says the good thing is we got to know is a good sign. Uday asks what good news. Amrit says doctor gave us wrong reports, the truth is, you are going to become Dada, and Uday is going to become Mama. Uday and Karam get happy. Karam blesses Amrit. Uday gets aarti and does it.

Karam says you have to go away from here, they can hurt Amrit. Vijender hugs Nalini and asks her to forget everything, just Kaveri and he are there

for her. He gives her medicines. Nalini sleeps. Kaveri says we will make her sleep all the time, and get all the property. They smile. Amrit says we have to stay strong and fight them. Randhir says if they can give medicines to Veer, then they can do anything with mum, its imp for us to go back to the palace, we have to save mum from them, they played much games, I have to tell them what a son can do.

Kaveri asks Vijender to get a diamond necklace for her. Naman also comes to ask for a rifle. Vijender says you will get it, there is no one to stop us now, its all ours. He goes and finds the drawers locked. Servant says Randhir keeps all the keys. Vijender scolds him. Nalini misses Randhir. Servant says there is a letter for you. Bindu asks Manak to stop. Mohan says Amrit won’t come here to read stories for you. Everyone hears dhol sound and go to see. Randhir and Amrit come there, dressed in royal clothes. Randhir says the one who has a right to sit on the throne can sit there, Amrit will sit on the throne, she has become too famous by her newspaper articles. Amrit goes and sits. Kaveri sends Manak away. Randhir also sits. Kaveri asks how dare you come in this palace. Amrit laughs and says we have come through this door, its our house.

Nalini asks Vijender to show them the door. Randhir says we don’t need permission to come here, you are my mum, no one else can make us leave. Vijender says we can file a case on you for forcibly occupying the palace. Amrit says you are a police officer, I thought you would know it, case is filed on those who ousts the owner, Randhir is declared to sit on the throne, the properties have his name included, Veer had declared this. Nalini recalls. Randhir says until I sign in the bank, you can’t take a single rupee from this ancestor’s money. He asks Nalini to read the letter. Mohan asks her to read it. Randhir says its party chief’s letter, Amrit’s speech has impressed him, if Amrit is thrown out of this house, then think of the insult, he doesn’t know about the games played in this house. He asks Mohan will he go to the party chief and say that Amrit isn’t this house bahu.

Amrit says the truth is, Randhir is Nalini’s son, this locket is real, he didn’t buy it from anyone, this house is ours. Randhir says no on can do anything here without my wish, I will not leave from here. Nalini says you are my biggest enemy, I regret to regard you my son, you have come here, but you can’t stay here for long. He says you are my mum, no one can separate us, the day you know the truth, you will hug Amrit and me by forgetting everything, till then I will not leave you and this palace. Nalini asks Vijender to change the locks and give her the keys, she is still the owner of the house. She says keep an eye on these two, they can hurt me or my property. She goes. Amrit asks Kaveri to go to anyone, court or police, but her truth may come out. Randhir says Amrit is saying right. Randhir and Amrit talk to Bindu. Bindu says I know you did this for Nalini for a true heart, kids know right and wrong, Manak likes Amrit, it means you both can’t be wrong. He says I wish mum could understand this, we love her, I m really her Prem, her son, someone has conspired to make me away from her.

Bindu asks whose. Amrit says we will tell you, let us get a proof first. Manak asks her to play. Randhir plays with him. Amrit asks Bindu to help her. Bindu says I will surely help, but what’s the matter. Amrit says Mohan is hiding something from Uday, he knows about Kabir, try to find out. Bindu says I will ask him. Amrit feels nausea. Randhir gives her a candy to have. Bindu asks are you pregnant. Amrit nods. Bindu says but that doctor said that you can never conceive. Amrit says no, she lied. Bindu says its a good news, go and tell Nalini. Amrit says no, she can’t accept this. Randhir says we can’t tell anyone. Bindu explains the rituals. Randhir says Amrit will get this blessing from Nalini, she will make halwa and feed mum. Bindu smiles.

Episode ends.

Bindu says you have to take this kalash from Nalini’s hand. Amrit says I got this kalash for Nalini. Nalini says I don’t want this, just leave from my room.