Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Veer and Amrit to marry?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit throwing stones at the beggar to stop him. Beggar runs. Beggar then trips and falls down. Amrit ties him. Beggar says please let me go because if people will know I pretend to be blind then they will kill me. Amrit says if you don’t say the truth then I will kill you. The beggar confesses how he saw Randhir who waited for an hour waiting for someone to come. Amrit says now you need to tell police this. Beggar attacks on Amrit and says I won’t go to police. Veer comes there and saves Amrit. Veer ties the beggar. Veer tells Amrit how he will be able to make the beggar confess.

Veer says but instead of that I need you to marry me. Amrit says no, I won’t marry you. Amrit says Randhir knew you better and he knew you are acting, I was very stupid to trust you. Randhir folds his hands and requests Amrit to marry him as he wants someone to love him the way Amrit loves Randhir. Amrit says I considered you a friend and you are an enemy. Amrit says she won’t marry him. Veer takes the beggar and says now I will see who will save your Randhir. Veer leaves.

In the Mahal, Nalini is addressing the media people but they take her saying wrongly. Vashma steps up and says Nalini is just in favour of justice, as anything is not yet proved in court so she is neutral about it all and not supporting any side in particular. Nalini praises Vashma for her intelligence. Amrit comes back and Vashma asks her what happened? Where were you? Amrit says I can’t find anything to prove Randhir’s innocence. Amrit sees Kadam singh and she follows him. Kadam keeps a box in a luggage box.

Amrit is seeing hidingly. Veer comes and takes the box. Amrit takes a small knife and follows Veer thinking he must be going to meet the beggar. She then sees a man with blanket on him, she thinks it’s the beggar so she threatens him. It is actually Veer and he reveals how he diverted her. Amrit says even I diverted you, I placed Babu bhaiya to follow Kadam as she knew Kadam will be sent to meet the beggar. Veer is shocked. They return home and Amrit finds a letter from Babu bhaiya saying he took leave of two days. Veer says I got to know of your plan so I worked to fail your plan. Amrit cries. Veer still requests her to marry him. Amrit says she will not. Veer says you have few hours after that I will send all the evidences so far away that you will never be able to find them.

Here, Vashma comes to home and searches for Uday. Saroj warns her to not come to his room Vashma says she was finding Uday who went to find that guy who is the real culprit. Saroj says Randhir is the real culprit, why don’t you guys see that. Vashma says we all are with you only. Saroj warns Vashma and leaves.

Here, Amrit comes to police station and finds Randhir missing. She asks the constable, he says Randhir got beaten up by another prisoner. He shows a shirt with blood on it. Amrir cries. Veer comes and says it was not true and he paid the constable to say it but it can get true if Randhir stays in jail for longer. Veer says I know you love Randhir a lot that you can’t see him hurt. Here, Vijender brings Randhir. Amrit goes to him. She asks Vijender to give them alone time. Then eveyone leave. Randhir tries telling Amrit how it is all Veer’s plan. Amrit thinks how she can’t bear Randhir in pain or blood so she slaps Randhir. Shocking Randhir. Veer watches this and smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer and Amrit marry while Randhir comes to stop it.