Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th June 2021 Written Update: Kaveri and Vijender to plan against Randhir!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaveri packing her bags and saying I can’t stay here where I am not respected. Nalini tries to stop her but Kaveri says what about my respect? Kaveri says see this, your son is sending me money but I didn’t use it as I don’t have any affinity for money. Kaveri says I am just taking care of rules set by elders. Nalini says Randhir understands Amrit’s pain as both went through partition loss. Kaveri says I am going. Randhir comes to Nalini and she asks Randhir to ask for apology from her.

Randhir says but what did I do? Nalini says you didn’t behave well. Randhir thinks about Amrit’s words about caring for family. Randhir applogies to Kaveri. Kaveri says I forgive you. Kaveri smirks at Vijender. Kaveri says you ate with that widow so someone needs to do some payback. Kaveri tells Amrit to read the ram charitra manas and if she feels sleepy then she needs to start again. Amrit says okay. Nalini asks Randhir to stay calm.

Kaveri asks Amrit to sit on the floor without mat. Nalini says she might get cold. Kaveri says yes you are right, she is a widow but a human only. She asks Chachi to bring puja plate. She lights the diya and says this will be infront of you to give you heat. Randhir is about to say something when Amrit says okay. Kaveri says no part should be left and you can’t feel sleepy or else you need to start again. Amrit nods yes. Amrit sits for puja. Kaveri asks to make her room hot while she is going to mandir. Everyone leaves. Randhir is there but Amrit asks him to go. Amrit starts thr reading.

Randhir comes to Nalini and says you are not revolting against the injustice. Nalini says Kaveri has done big sacrifices for this family, she sacrificed her love for this family and stayed single. Randhir asks who was the guy? Nalini looks on. Here, Kaveri comes to a room and hugs Vijender. Nalini tells Randhir that Kaveri never revealed about the guy, she was ready to go out of the family and marry but after your dad died and Kaveri handled everything.

Here, Vijender and Kaveri discuss how because Kaveri’s brother gave Vijender’s hand in Nalini’s so they had to marry. Vijender says we could have run far away, I still can’t stop loving you. Kaveri says same here. Kaveri says but we couldn’t have let go off the royal treasury. Naman comes and calls Kaveri as mom. They all live happy family moment. Kaveri asks Vijender about Randhir’s weakness.Vijender says it’s Amrit. Kaveri thinks to make Randhir on her side.

Episode ends.

Precap: Kaveri accuses Vashma to be in Kothi earlier. Vashma says yes. Amrit says I also knew. Nalini scolds Amrit. Randhir asks Amrit to start writing again.

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