Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 31st May 2021 Written Update: Will Amrit meet Randhir in jail?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 31st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit defending Randhir that how he can be angry and determined but can never do this. Saroj scolds Amrit. Bhanu comes there and disowns Amrir as his sister. Bhanu says a girl who supports outsider when something bad happened in family, she can’t be anyone’s family. Bhanu aska Uday and Vashma to also come. They leave. Amrit cries. Veer comes and hugs her. He says sorry, I couldn’t see you like this, you would have wanted to support Randhir, but you had to keep quiet, I also got emotional and hugged you.

Amrit says its fine, but remember to not make this mistake again. He says yes, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to Randhir. She says if we prove that Randhir was away from the house at that time, then we will get freed, can you help me in meeting Randhir. Veer says you love him and trust him, I feel jealous, I wish someone was there in my life who trusted me, I will help you, if you had to get Randhir’s trust, then can Randhir trust you. She says he will trust me even more. He smiles and says sure, I will help you. She thanks him.

Randhir is in the lockup. He recalls Veer’s words. He says I have to meet Amrit and warn her about Veer. Veer says everything happened as we thought, have sweets, dad, this story has everything, also some love, we shall celebrate, I will play a song. He plays song and dances. Sajan re jhooth mat bolo…plays… Vijender says Randhir wants to meet Amrit. Veer says she also wants to meet Randhir. Vijender says if this happens, then Amrit’s doubt will get certain. Veer laughs and says we will make them meet, its our work to unite the lovers. Randhir and Amrit think of each other. She cries and says I will make you out of there soon, I can do anything for you.

Uday wakes up and sees Vashma. He thinks of their love story. He says the most beautiful girl of the world. She hears him and asks really. He says I thought you are sleeping. She says yes, I was sleeping in peace, then I woke up when you were looking at me. He holds ears. She says I m your Vashma, its your right to see me anytime you want, its my right to see you whenever I want. He smiles. She says tell me, what were you seeing. He says life has taken many tests, I feel if this is any dream. She says dream got completed, I m yours in this reality, you are mine forever. He hugs her. He says we shall thank Lord, come here. She cries. He asks what happened. She says I wish Amrit and Randhir were happy like us. Uday says this case is difficult, don’t know how will he prove his innocent. Saroj and Bhanu read the news. Saroj gets angry.

She cries and hugs Bhanu. Uday and Vashma ask her to trust Amrit. Saroj says I will do the kitchen work, you don’t need to roam anywhere in the house. Bhanu asks Saroj why is she thinking of this community difference. Saroj scolds Vashma. She says don’t know where Vashma had stayed in the last four years. Uday says she was in Amritsar. Saroj says we don’t know if she is saying the truth. Uday gets angry. Vashma says leave it, this had to happen, we can pay this price for our union, we shall think about Amrit and Randhir.

Randhir says I am innocent. Vijender asks him to accept the crime, everyone makes a mistake. Randhir says but trust me, I didn’t do any crime, make me talk to Amrit, I think she can help me, I request you. Veer asks Amrit to meet Randhir. Amrit says you always do good towards me. Veer asks Vijender to let her meet Randhir. Vijender says Randhir took medicines and slept now, you can meet him later. Veer says we know he is innocent, what can we do. Vijender says he has to go to the court, he will get punished for five years. Veer says Amrit, I won’t let anything happen to Randhir. Amrit cries and goes.

Veer asks Vijender why did he give time to Randhir. Vijender says Amrit won’t find anything in Randhir’s favor. Amrit faints. Veer takes her home. Vijender says no one came to meet you. Randhir gets sad and cries. He thinks I have to save Amrit from Veer, I have to send this message to Amrit some how. He acts to faint. He takes a pen from Vijender’s pocket. Vijender makes him sit and asks are you fine. Randhir says I m feeling dizzy, thanks. Vijender asks her to take rest. Randhir tears his kurta cloth. He writes a note for Amrit on the cloth. He thinks Veer’s lie will come out, now Veer’s game is over.

Episode ends.

Amrit marries Veer. She thinks its not a marriage, but a decision to sacrifice myself for love. Randhir comes and thinks I decided to hate you now. Veer thinks its my victory. He smiles.