Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Randhir to get out of jail?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrit telling Randhir that how she did mistake in trusting Randhir. Amrit says Veer is such a pure and nice person, I regret raising questions on Veer. Amrit asks Randhir to stay away from her as she doesn’t want to keep any contact with a person who does this with woman. Amrit goes. Randhir is shattered. Veer is happy seeing Amrit do this. Here, Randhir cries and at home Amrit also cries regreting slapping Amrit but thinks she had to do this. Veer comes to Amrit and praises his decision. Amrit says I did my initial part, now I want you to bring the evidence first then only I will proceed with wedding.

Here, Vashma and Uday come to jail and Randhir tells them how Amrit doesn’t believe him. Uday and Vashma decide to meet Amrit. The servant tells Amrit about Vashma and Uday asking to meet her. Amrit thinks Vashma will catch her lie so she aska the servant to say that she is sleeping. Uday and Vashma come in and ask Amrit for her changed behaviour. Amrit says I am just supporting truth. Uday blames Veer for this changed thoughts of Amrit. Amrit says Veer has nothing to do with it. Vashma and Uday say Amrit is very selfish and who can forget her love she can’t be anyones. Vashma says you can’t accept Randhir as the culprit, else you would have told me first. Amrit says enough, I did what I felt right. Amrit says find a proof in Randhir’s favor if you can, why would Saroj lie about him, I m not selfish to prove Saroj wrong for my love. Uday says you are changing colours today, great, maybe its not your mistake, Veer filled this poison in your thinking, I won’t leave him. Amrit stops him. Vashma asks her to talk to Uday with manners. Uday says we will always stand with Randhir, its your choice to support him or not. Uday and Vashma leave. Amrit cries.

Its morning, Nalini says I wish Randhir could be part of the puja. Mohan argues with her. Amrit looks on. Vijender comes. He says we got a proof that Randhir was there on the road that night, that beggar wasn’t blind, he is ready to give statement, I m satisfied with it. Nalini asks really, I know people well. Mohan thinks how did this happen suddenly. Amrit thinks you can hate me, I m ready to bear it. Veer says congrats Ranimaa, your PA will come back, you may go and get him. He says Amrit wants your bridal dress, its Ram navami today, she wants to do the rasam in that bridal dress. Nalini says no, its special for me. He says I know, its imp day, I hope you won’t break her heart. Randhir is at the court. He asks where is Amrit. Uday says I don’t know. Vashma says I don’t find this right. The judge comes. The lawyer defends Randhir. Nalini also attends the case. The beggar gives the statement in his favor. The lawyer says it means Saroj wasn’t attacked by Randhir. Judge frees Randhir from the case. She says it means Randhir wasn’t the one who molested Saroj, he is innocent. Randhir smiles. Saroj and Bhanu look on.

Amrit gets ready as the bride. Randhir comes out of the jail. He greets Nalini. She says I knew you are innocent. Randhir look for Amrit. Nalini takes Randhir home. He gets shocked seeing Veer and Amrit in the wedding clothes. He cries. Veer brings Amrit there. He announces his marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap: Amrit thinks about her sacrifice. Here, Randhir says he hates Amrit.