Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th May 2021 Written Update: Will Vashma reveal her identity?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress

Episode starts with Randhir sadly packing things. Here, Veer is remembering how his mother said no one is ready to stay with him. He remembers even Amrit saying so. Veer drinks up. Here, Amrit takes food plate for Veer. Nalini says if Veer has not eaten till now he will not be eating. Amrit says if I feed him he will eat. Amrir goes and sees there is no Veer. Nalini laughs and says Veer goes away from Family like this only. Amrit says you are his mom then why don’t you understand him. Nalini says don’t teach me how to be a mother, I understand what are you saying. Amrit says I didn’t mean that. Nalini says because of your pain Veer destroyed my authentic ear rings, and because of your wedding i lost my votes too. Nalini says if you want to prove yourself then bring Veer to the party meeting tomorrow that too sober. Amrit says okay. Nalini leaves, Vijender tries to talk Amrit how Nalini is not bad from heart. Amrit says I know but her demand is logical.

Veer is playing music and thinks to drink but he finds out that all the alcohol bottles contains sharbat. He thinks who did this? Amrit comes there and says till the meeting tomorrow I have kept all your alcohol bottles and you will be getting after tomorrow only. Veer says you can’t do this to me, I am not obliged to follow any orders. Amrit says but I guess you would have to. Veer tries to go out of the room but sees a lock there too. Veer gets upset and he comes close to Amrit and says you hid the bottles very well but what about the key that is visible. Veer takes the key from the waist of Amrit. Amrit is scared. Veer opens the door lock. Amrit chases Veer. Veer reaches the store room and gets his bottle of liquor. He is about to drink when, Amrit scolds him and handcuffs him. She says you have to stay here all night. He asks are you mad, stop joking, free me. She says you can’t do anything now. She asks him to think how will he stay now. She says I will also stay here, you said I shouldn’t leave you. Vijender looks on and smiles. Veer requests her to free him. Vijender goes to Nalini and praises Amrit. She asks what do you see in her. He says my past, I was like her, stubborn and sincere.

Uday teaches the girls. Vashma asks why do you look into the book and talk, does it have pics of beautiful girls. He says no, you can check it, there is no such pic. She laughs. She asks how does the moon take the rounds. Uday explains. He says I don’t have some answers, but I can explain that when one person becomes your love, that person becomes the world for you. The girl flirts with him. He stumbles. Vashma asks him to be careful, he may get hurt. The man asks them to get ready for the function. Uday says class is going on.

Amrit is tied up. Vijender sees the tattoo on her hand. Veer makes Randhir drink and asks who took away your lover. Randhir angrily says you. Veer gets shocked.