Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th July 2021 Written Update: Will Nalini suspect something fishy?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Nalini trying to find Randhir. Nalini asks Kaveri. Kaveri says Randhir is helping his favourites. Nalini says even after I said no. Kaveri says he had them together from so long, don’t mind but it’s all your Bahu’s fault, a woman can direct a man in any direction she wants. Nalini asks servant to call Amrit. Kaveri says she is not at home. Nalini fumes.

Here, Randhir adores Amrit cooking. He tells her that he gave medicines to Uday and Vashma. Randhir says after so long I am seeing this side of you, I am so proud of you, you have to take care of yourself and express yourself now. Randhir promises Amrit to make her write ups famous. Amrit says it’s not that easy, even Nalini won’t like it. Randhir says stop worrying about what others expect, it’s your life. Amrit becomes silent. Randhit helps Amrit open a box. They share a small moment together. Amrit says you go to Nalini. Randhir is in deep thoughts about Amrit. They both drive home.

The duo reach home, to find an angry Nalini. She sees powder on Amrit’s saree and taunts Nalini. Nalini questions why Amrit went out? Amrit says for humanity. Nalini says you could have asked me would have sent them far off and safe. Amrit says the society was making them humiliated. Nalini becomes angry. Kaveri says Amrit has supported Kothe wali infront of all now think what will happen. Kaveri says what will happen to your image? Nalini questions Amrit and doesn’t let Randhir speak in between. Amrit asks for apology and says I wanted to do justice for my brother. Kaveri adds ghee to fire by making her taunts. Kaveri taunts Amrit on being widow. Randhir says a widow or bride, anyone can change things. Nalini says being a widow is a disrespect. Randhir asks Nalini to change her thought process. Nalini says I love you so I am not telling you anything but Amrit has to know and stay in limits.

Nalini announces that Uday has been disqualified from the Indian hockey team. Everyone is shocked. Nalini says so you both should behave from now on! Nalini says I will take care of Uday and Vashma and keep them safe and sound. Randhir and Amrit are unable to tell her anything. Randhir tries to calm Amrit but Amrit says you go to Nalini, she needs you.

Kaveri comes to Nalini and praises her for her actions. Kaveri says I think there is something going on between Randhir and Amrit. Kaveri says you only should see as it’s your family matter. She smirks. Nalini thinks of Kaveri’s words. Randhir comes and apologies touching Nalini’s feet. Nalini says I don’t want to talk to you. Randhir gives medicines to Nalini saying Amrit sent this for you. Nalini is silent. Randhir tries to calm her and convinces to take medicines. Nalini says I think I don’t deserve to be a happy mother. She says after you returned I felt everything will be alright but then again I lost another son and here you don’t even consider me your own. Randhir consoles Nalini and they hug. Randhir says I owe my life to you. Randhir calms Nalini. Nalini starts crying.

Randhir says I want to tell you something. Randhir says I need to take this burden out my heart. Kaveri comes and takes Randhir out saying Nalini needs rest. Randhir goes. Kaveri thinks I won’t let drama to end so soon. Later, Naman brings pakoda for Kaveri and they discuss how soon Naman has to sit as the heir. Kaveri says when Nalini will know he reality of Amrit and Randhir it will be a delight to watch. Kaveri asks Naman to not let her sacrifices go to waste. Here, Amrit decides to write again.

Precap: Randhir and Amrit tell about their past to Nalini. While Kaveri smirks.