Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 6th April 2021 Written Update: Randhir’s location is revealed!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 6th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrit helping the lady to make the fire caught by her dupatta go away. In that way, the lady will see Amrit’s hand where Amrit Faruuq Ansari is written. The lady will say you all have kept a lady from another religion. Saroj says she is not from another religion, she was a victim during partition. The lady will become furious and say still how can you keep this girl in home, now if you want to tie relation with us then make this girl go away. Amrit says I was just a victim as I was helpless. The lady says you were helpless and what not must have happened. The lady emphasis on making Amrit out of the house. Bua will speak up and say it’s enough, if you like my daughter Kiran then you can say yes for the relation or else we can’t do anything, this girl won’t go anywhere. The lady will say why so much love for this servant? Bua will say she is my bhanji and my brother’s apple of his eyes, just because she was a victim that doesn’t mean she will have to face all this. The lady will say such a big lie? Amrit says I came out of that incident strongly, don’t you think that is a good quality? The lady says you should have died, how can a girl live with this black spot on herself. Amrit says so you wanted women to stay weak and die for small spots and men enjoy the power? How can you say this being a women? The lady decides to go. Saroj tries to stop them but they go.

Here, Veer’s mother criticise him and says I wish that day it was not him and instead. Veer says instead you wish I was dead so that you wouldn’t have to live with this dead body like me? Rani sahiba says you are going to marry after 7 days, that too with your childhood best friend, she hasn’t met you since so many years and she is living with your letters, I hope you don’t trouble her like you trouble me. Veer says Anandita gives me love in return of love unlike you so I will always keep her happy and you should be happy too as I am getting married in 7 days. Veer goes to his room and gets memories of past. Flashback shows where Veer and his younger brother are fighting over a pic. They tear it, they get angry. Veer moves towards his brother and his brother moves back and falls off the cliff. Flashback ends. Veer hears the noise and gets disturbed. He looks for alcohol and is unable to find and finally finds and makes himself calm.

Here, Saroj is talking to Bhanu how again due to Amrit they will face difficulty in this new place. Amrit will sign Bhanu not to react. Saroj will say earlier wherever we went we faced difficulty and here we told everyone she is servant but now that secret is out again we will have to face difficulty and this girl will make us cry. Saroj says I hope someone falls for this girl and takes her away, because of Amrit only Kiran is still unmarried. Just then Saroj’s daughter comes and says mom see few kids wrote this on my arm. Saroj reads it as Pakistani’s niece. Saroj will taunt Amrit. Amrit will apologise to Bua and Kiran but Bua will say don’t you dare, it’s because of you and my brother me and Kiran are alive and you have no fault of yours here.

Here, Veer’s stepson asks Veer I am married to your mother and have you ever seen me drink? Veer says no. His dad says so today let’s drink together, as I can’t see you miserable and hurting yourself, I might be your step father but you are like my real son only. He asks Veer to stop drinking for the next 7 days so that he can welcome his fiance nicely. Veer says okay I will. Veer asks his dad why I am being punished for the childhood incident? His dad says you have to let it go it was any other incident which happen unknowingly. Here, Anandita’s dad praise Rani sahiba and family. Veer welcomes Anandita and asks her to come out of car. Anandita says my heels are broken how can I walk. Veer carries her inside.

Here, Amrit thinks of Randhir and says why aren’t you coming to me? Randhir is shown in jail writing Amrit’s name all over the wall. Jailer comes and informs that his time in jail is now over.

Episode ends.

Precap: Randhir will decide to unite with Amrit. Amrit here prays to god why they kept her alive and the society ill treating her. Veer hears everything standing behind Amrit.

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