Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th April 2021 Written Update: Veer proposes to Amrit!

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Veer giving a rose to Amrit. Saroj and Bhanu are shocked seeing Veer infront of thier house. Veer asks Bhanu to come with him to talk alone. Amrit feels worried thinking Veer is about to punish Bhanu for her mistake. Amrit asks bua what she should do? Bua says to apologize to Veer. The moment Veer and Bhanu come out of room, Amrit apologizes to Veer saying don’t give my punishment to my brother. Veer says green doesn’t suit you so don’t wear that colour. He goes. Bhanu and Saroj smile. Amrit is confused.

Here, the gaurds free Randhir and say now it’s time for you to meet your lover. Randhir sees the wall where Amrit is written. The gaurd says you will be missed here, you got so famous for your poems. Randhir says I can’t wait to meet Amrit, can you tell me how to reach Amritsar? Gaurd says you will meet your lover but all prisoners who are to be released have to go to Delhi to Rani Sahiba’s mahal first. Randhir says okay.

Here, Rani Sahiba is arranging everything for holi and accomodation of prisoners who will be released. Just then, Veer comes their on horse and praises it. He taunts Rani sahiba and then announces she doesn’t need to worry as now he will get married and Daulat of Daulatabad will be hear soon. Rani Sahiba worries thinking what is Veer saying and who is the girl.

Here, Saroj beats utensils, everyone come there asking whats the matter? Saroj says there is some very good news and now our lives will chanhe for good because of Amrit. Amrit looks shocked. Saroj says prince, Veer asked to marry Amrit. Amrit is shocked and says but how can I? What about Randhir? Bhanu says there is no news of Randhir From so many years. Saroj says and he must have become very poor now, so why you want to go to another refugee family only, Rani sahiba is khandani and reputed. Amrit looks at Bua. Bua says Amrit and Randhir had thier mangni and took pheres then how can you do this. Amrit says do they know about my past and about what Faruqq did to me? Bhanu says no, I didn’t get time to tell him all this. Bua says but it’s important to tell. Saroj says why you all want to spoil something so good. Saroj says we will get respect, Veer sent those people back here with Kiran’s alliance. She asks Amrit not to refuse for marriage. Amrit recalls everything and gets sad. They all celebrate holi.

Rani sahiba cries for Veer. Vijender hugs her and says we know the childhood incident has broken Veer. They recall the day. Rani sahiba and Vijender do a puja for her late husband. Veer and Prem have a fight for their pic. Veer pushes down Prem down the cliff. Rani sahiba cries for her other son. Vijender says forget everything. She says I explained him to control his anger, his brother lost his life because of his anger, I lost both my sons that day. He says we have to welcome our people, calm down. She misses her other son. Randhir comes to the palace. He says my Amrit would be waiting for me. Amrit waits for his post. She signs no to Bua. She says I have to tell Veer about Randhir, he will step back. Bua says you are thinking right. Amrit asks shall I go alone. Bua says I have to handle Saroj, else I would have come, don’t sacrifice your love, Randhir will come back.

Veer threatens Amrit and asks her to marry him. Randhir doesn’t see Amrit in Veer’s house.

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