Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th April 2021 Written Update: Randhir to see Amrit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with rani sahiba crying thinking about how would her other son looked like if he would have been here. Outside the mahal, Randhir. Sees the torn picture and sees the mahal and says I will soon be with Amrit. Randhir goes in, Amrit just then comes there to meet Veer. All the prisoners are welcomes to the mahal. Randhir is in front and Amrir in back so they can’t see each other. Vijender asks Randhir how he wants to spend his life ahead. Randhir gets a feeling and he turns but till that time Amrit moves. Randhir thinks why do I feel, Amrit is here? Amrit asks someone where is Veer, he says they will come later. Rani sahiba asks Bhanu to bring a gift box and give it to someone so he goes.

Here, Veer shoots on bottles. A servant says, what are you doing? Rani sahiba broughy these and if she gets to know you are breaking them then she will get angry on you. Veer says I want to play holi but downstairs politics is going on. The servant says someone has come here to meet you. Veer sees Amrit. Veer continues shooting. Amrit says I told you I want to talk to you and you are not even seeing me. Veer says we listen from ears and not eyes. Amrit says but the things told from heart needs to be seen while talked about, I came here walking all the way to talk to you. Veer stops and says okay tell me.

Here, Vijender tells everyone how Rani sahiba wrote letters to release all of you from Pakistan jail. Randhir thanks her. They all are given some appreciation and garlands. When Rani sahiba makes Randhir wear garland, she feels a vibe and so does Randhir. Rani thinks why do I feel like I have a connection with this person and Randhir thinks the same. Rani asks Randhir to tell his prison story as every prisoner has a story. Here, Amrit tells how she is thankful for the proposal but I have a past story, I love someone and almost got married to her and we had took 4 pheres. Here Randhir also telling the story to Rani sahiba and how someone wrote something in her hand. Veer seems disinterested.

Here, Randhri says how he wants to find his family and lover. Rani sahiba says I hope you meet her soon and I will send you to Amritsar with fame. Randhir says no no not required. Rani sahiba says you are of my son’s age and I want you to go with fame and bring my bahu and do meet me with her. Randhir thanks her. Here, Veer says I knew we had something in common the difference is your pain is seen in your hand and is written and mine is written in my head but not seen.

Veer says you have to marry me. Veer says you only said that you can do anything for your family so just think if you don’t marry me then, what will happen to your unmarried sister, the loan taken by your brother will be taken with extra interest and you love your niece right? What will happen if she is teased by the society. Amrit says so you are also like others only? You are taking advantage of me. Veer says I don’t want anything from you, just never leave me or else you will face the consequences. Amrit leaves from there. Here, Veer is coming and he falls and Randhir catches him. He thanks Randhir.

Precap: Amrit sees Randhir from back and goes after him. Veer says to Rani sahiba that soon a beautiful girl will become my wife. A dancer comes to mahal and it is revealed that it’s Vashma.

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