Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th June 2021 Written Update: Amrit to go against Randhir?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with everyone searching, Randhir’s room. Veer is happy that soon the poison bottle will be found. Veer is shocked seeing nothing is found. He checks the place where he kept the bottle. Randhir says let’s check other rooms. Veer worries thinking if Randhir knew and planted it in his room. Amrit helps in her room search. Here also nothing is found, Veer gets relieves. Randhir thinks how is this possible? Randhir checks the drawer where he kept the bottle. Amrit hides the bottle in her saree. Vijender tells Nalini who is doing this will be caught soon.

Here, Uday makes Vashma calm that it’s good everyone got to know about our son. Vashma says I am thinking to answer Saroj’s question of where she was. Uday says not everyone is so open minded. Vashma says I am glad, you, Amrit and Randhir accepted me. Uday says don’t take Amrit’s name, she has changed. Vashma says but how? Uday says she left Randhir in such state, maybe the royality got into her head. Vashma thinks how it happened.

Veer drinks and thinks how did the poison dissapered? Kadam singh gives him another bottle of alcohol. Veer drinks and is angry. Here, Amrit comes to garden and is about to throw the poison when Randhir stops him. Randhir says you know Veer had planted this in my room, a son who can risk his mother’s life to get revenge from me is so selfish. Amrit says even you didn’t dispose the bottle instead planted ahead to get revenge then what’s the difference, I saw you with this going to our room. Randhir says how have you changed so much? This royality has changed your judgements, even you know how wrong you are! Why are you hiding someone’s mistake, the Amrit I knew always stood for truth. Amrit says I don’t want to talk about past, I am happy with my family and husband. Amrit says I won’t let my husband’s image go down. Randhir says even I am Nalini’s assistant, I will reveal rhe truth.

Randhir says give me that bottle. They both run around. Randhir chases her. Randhir tries to take it but they fall down due to water on ground. Veer comes and sees them. He becomes very angry. Here, Nalini is worried. Vijender comes and says by god’s grace you got saved, I will do a proper investigation and I will also bring a body gaurd. Nalini says okay as you find it right. Mohan comes and says I want to talk to Nalini alone. Nalini says you can talk infront of Vijender. Mohan says it’s related to our family. Vijender says I am going out. Mohan says your son is always drunk and your food is getting poisoned, you know Veer is not right candidate. Nalini says a King’s son gets the throne. Mohan says I won’t let that happen. Someone is listening to this and it’s shown that rhe mystery man is targetting Veer with a dart.

Amrit gets up and Randhir tries to take the bottle. Amrit breaks the posion bottle and washes the place. Amrit says how will you prove it now? I won’t let you create barrier between mom and son. Randhir says already your actions hurt me but today you fell in my vision.

Episode ends.

Precap: Amrit says I did everything for you Veer. Randhir and Veer fight. Amrit tries to stop them.