Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th February 2024 Written Update: Suraj welcomes Kabir in his own way

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th February 2024 On

The episode starts with Suraj saying to Ambica that he will not allow an illegitimate son to be a legitimate one. Suraj says if Kabir stays here then he will be treated like the way he is a dirt bug. Narayan asks Ambica to explain to Suraj. Suraj leaves from there. Kabir asks Shakuntala in his heart why did she allow him to come to this house.


Shakuntala seeing the money thanks Goddess and Kabir as because of Kabir she is rich. Aarthi comments on Shakuntala. Shakuntala reminds Aarthi that she hasn’t sold Kabir but Narayan was the one who left Kabir here and she is just taking the money that she spent on Kabir till now. Aarthi thinks she can’t tell the truth to Shakuntala about Kabir as Kabir’s heart is already broken.

Leela asks Narayan to take a rest and asks Kesar to show Kabir to his room. Leela gives the responsibility of bringing Kabir and Rajgaur family together. Leela asks Kesar to make sure Kabir accepts the Rajgaur family wholeheartedly and vice versa. Kesar agrees and asks Leela not to worry about it.

Kesar says to Kabir that it’s a good thing that he came and says now she can peacefully leave this house. Kabir pleads Kesar not to leave this house as she is his courage to stay here. Kesar agrees.

Suraj looks at Kesar and Kabir and thinks he already prepared a welcome for Kabir and waits for his expression.

Kesar opens the Kabir’s room door. Kabir and Kesar get shocked seeing the dung all over the room. Kabir asks Kesar what is this welcome. Suraj comes to Kabir and says to Kabir that he prepared all of this so that he could sleep well as Kabir used to sleep in this kind of place. Kesar stops Kabir from fighting Suraj. Kesar thanks Suraj and says to Suraj that in the past it is considered auspicious to apply cow dung in a room. Kesar thanks Suraj for welcoming Kabir like this. Suraj says he sent away all of the servants and says Kabir needs to clean it himself. Suraj tries to take Kesar away. Kesar asks Suraj not to force her to do anything next time. Suraj says to Kesar that her protection period is only for 21 days and it’s going to be over pretty soon. Suraj leaves from there.

Kabir tries to clean the room on his own but he couldn’t do it so Kesar comes and helps Kabir. Kabir thanks Kesar.

The next morning, Kabir joins the Pooja along with the rest of the Rajgaur family. Suraj seeing this gets furious and he throws water at Kabir when he is about to take Aarthi.

Ambica says to Suraj that it is considered inauspicious to put out the Diya like this and asks Suraj how can he do this. Suraj says he is protecting their God from being tainted by getting close to Kabir. Kabir lashes out at Suraj. Kesar stops them. Leela reminds Suraj that Kabir is his brother. Suraj asks Leela if there is any proof of it besides Narayan telling them that Kabir is a Rajgaur. Hetal says there is no proof. Suraj says to Rajgaur family that Kabir should do a DNA test to prove that he is a Rajgaur.

Episode ends.

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