Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th February 2024 Written Update: Narayan slaps Suraj

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th February 2024 On

The episode starts with Suraj calling Kabir a dirt bug. Kesar asks Leela to stop Suraj. Leela reminds Suraj that Kabir is his brother and reminds him that Kabir is Dheran’s blood. Suraj asks Leela how does she knows and asks Leela if there is any proof like photo etc.


The Rajgaur family members ask Leela the same question and raise their suspicion about Kabir being a Rajgaur. Kesar asks Leela how will they prove that Kabir is a Rajgaur. Suraj says to Rajgaur family that Kabir should do a DNA test to prove that he is a Rajgaur. Hetal agrees with Suraj. Kesar reminds Rajgaur family that they accepted her without any proof so why can’t they accept Kabir as Narayan himself said that Kabir is a Rajgaur. Ambica says to Kesar that at that time she brought her into this house to keep this house together but now it is about Kabir who is breaking this house apart. Kabir says to Rajgaur family that he doesn’t need to give any proof to anyone. Kabir says to Suraj that he always looked for reasons to come into this house as he was thinking of Ambica and Leela might need his help. Kabir reminds the Rajgaur family that he took care of every Rajgaur family member when he didn’t know that he is part of this family but now when he learnt that Kabir is part of this family they refuse to admit that he is part of this family. Kabir satirically praises the Rajgaur family and says he never wanted to be a part of this family and says he doesn’t want this money. Kabir says he is fine with being Kabir Yadav and decides to leave the Rajgaur family. Kesar tries to stop Kabir but Suraj stops Kesar.

Suraj asks Kabir to tell the name of this father. Narayan slaps Suraj and says to Suraj that the name of Kabir’s father is Dheran Rajgaur who is his dad. Leela asks Narayan how could he raise his hand at Suraj. Narayan says Suraj deserved this slap and comments on him.

Narayan apologises to Kabir on behalf of Suraj and says to Kabir that he was a little late but it was a good thing that he came late as atleast he knows what the rest of the family is thinking. Narayan says he will also see who will ask for proof that he is a Rajgaur from now on. Narayan makes Kabir swear on him and asks Kabir to promise that he will not leave this house. Kabir dreams of Kesar asking Kabir to follow his heart. Kabir agrees to stay here.

Hetal asks Dinesh if he couldn’t speak that Narayan is wrong. Jinal says to Hetal that it is wrong to speak against Narayan as Narayan’s health is quite sensitive.

Leela says to Narayan that it is wrong of him to hit Suraj. Narayan says to Leela that he couldn’t control himself after he heard what Suraj spoke about Kabir.

Jinal thinks why did Shakuntala allow Kabir to come here as Shakuntala wouldn’t allow to come here as she spent a lot of money to raise Kabir and when it came time for Kabir to earn money she sent Kabir here. Hetal gets suspicious hearing this.

Hetal calls Shakuntala and asks Shakuntala over the phone why did she send Kabir here. Shakuntala acts as if she is worried about Narayan’s health and that’s why she sent Kabir there. Hetal thinks Shakuntala is hiding something and decides to find out about it.

Kabir recalls what happened and thinks how could he stay here facing this humiliation. Kesar comes to Kabir and says to Kabir that if he is thinking about a reason to stay here then he can think about Kesar and Narayan and what they mean to him. Kabir agrees. Kesar asks Kabir to join everyone to eat food.

Suraj says to Ambica that he was thinking about what would happen to Narayan’s health that’s why he stayed calm of not. Ambica reminds Suraj that Narayan is his grandfather Suraj says Narayan is just Kabir’s grandfather. Ambica comforts Suraj and says to Suraj that most of the family is with him so she asks Suraj not to worry. Ambica leaves from there. Suraj decides to take revenge on Kabir for Narayan slapping him.

Episode ends.

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