Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 13th February 2024 Written Update: Kabir lies to his family

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 13th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hetal asking Narayan to sit here. Pavin asks Narayan what’s in the file. Narayan says to Pavin that they will first eat the food later he will talk about what’s in this file in front of everyone.

Kabir comes and joins everyone at the dining table. Kabir prays to God and hopes that Narayan will not give any part of his property to him.

Kesar sees that Hetal is distracted with the file. Kesar spills water on the file. Hetal asks Kesar how could she spill water on such an important file. Narayan asks Hetal how does she knows that this is an important file. Hetal makes up a reason for it.

Narayan asks Kesar to give sweet to everyone. Suraj asks Narayan to tell them what is in the file. Narayan asks Kesar to read it.

Kesar starts reading jokes that are in the file. Suraj asks Kesar what is this nonsense. Kesar says Narayan made a scrapbook of Chutkule and this is that file. Suraj leaves from there. Hetal asks Kesar if she knew about this before.

It is shown Kesar says to Narayan that everyone at the dining table should believe that he is bringing his will but instead, he will bring this book of Chutkule.

Kesar says to Hetal that she played a prank so that all of the family members will come and eat together at the dining table. All of the Rajgaur family members leave from there. Kesar says to Leela that her dream came true. Kesar says yes.

Ambica says to Kesar that by deceiving others she can make everyone eat the dining table for once but not every time.

Kabir stops Ambica when she is about to fall. Ambica thanks Kabir and calls him son unknowingly. Ambica later leaves from there.

Shakuntala feels like she is on cloud 9 with all of the money that she got for selling Kabir. Aarthi asks Shakuntala if she is not ashamed one bit to sell her own son. Shakuntala comments on it. Aarthi decides to tell the truth to Kabir and calls Kabir. Shakuntala closes Aarthi’s mouth and talks with Kabir and later cuts the call. Shakuntala later warns Aarthi to never even think about telling the truth to Kabir and reminds Aarthi of what is she capable of doing.

Kabir searches for a blanket. Kesar comes and gives a blanket to Kabir. Kabir thanks Kesar. Kabir later asks Kesar to tell the truth to Ambica that she is going to leave Suraj pretty soon. Suraj comes and comments on Kabir and Kesar.

Suraj accuses Kesar of doing a romance with Kabir right now. Kesar slaps Suraj and warns Suraj to never question her character again and reminds Suraj that he got the same answer from Ambica last time. Suraj recalls about it and raises his hand. Kabir catches Suraj’s hand. Kesar says to Kabir that she knows how to defend herself. Suraj pushes the table away and leaves from there. The table falls on Kesar. Kabir tries to help Kesar but Kesar says she can handle it and leaves from there.

Aarthi calls Kabir and asks Kabir how are the Rajgaur family members treating him. Kabir lies to Janardhan and Aarthi over the phone that all of the Rajgaur family has accepted him and later cuts the call.

Episode ends.

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