Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Update: Jinal fails in making a deal with Aarthi.

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd March 2024 On

The episode starts with Suraj catching Ambica when she is about to fall. Ambica asks Suraj where did she go. Ambica feels like she in on cloud 9 thinking Suraj came back to her. Kabir says to Ambica that he is Kabir and she comes out of her day dream. Ambica comes out of her day dream and leaves inside.

Kesar asks Kabir if he found out anything. Kabir says to Kesar that Suraj only bought 5 SIM cards and 2 phones and he doesn’t have any extra information and says he gave the information to his cop friend and the cop will track those phone numbers.

Hetal gets a call from Suraj. Suraj says to Hetal that she made a mistake by double crossing him and says she will pay the price for it.

Hetal thinks Suraj is dead as she saw with her own eyes that Suraj is dead. Hetal thinks Kabir and Kesar might be doing this. Hetal thinks she has proof in this pen drive of Suraj conspiring his own death. Hetal thinks she will see what will Suraj do to her.

Ambica prays to God and show her the way as she sometimes feel that Kesar and Kabir is right and sometimes feel that Kesar and Kabir is wrong. Hetal overhears this and thinks if Ambica’s heart melts then it will be impossible for her to send Kesar out of this house.

Aarthi worries about being pregnant. Shakuntala while cleaning her saree recalls Aarthi’s symptoms and thinks she is pregnant.

Aarthi sees that her pregnancy test is positive. Aarthi hides the pregnancy test kit from Shakuntala. Shakuntala comes and asks Aarthi if she is pregnant. Aarthi asks Shakuntala to stop thinking too much.

Narayan reveals to the family that Kabir is going to office from today onwards. Kabir comes downstairs and takes everyone’s blessings. Kabir also takes Ambica’s blessings. Ambica asks Kabir to eat some sugar as he is going to start something new. Kabir eats sugar and later leaves from there.

Aarthi comes to meet Jinal in the Rajgaur mansion. Jinal asks Aarthi to leave Ansh and in return she offers a suitcase full of cash. Aarthi doesn’t take the money and says she will not leave Ansh. Aarthi gives another chance to Jinal to change her mind and says she will not tell about this to Ansh.

Kabir in the meeting faces trouble as he couldn’t understand English. Kesar comes and counters the clients. The clients question Kesar when did she get out of jail and they accuse her of Suraj’s death. Kabir takes Kesar away from there.

Kabir and Kesar return home. Narayan asks Kabir how did the first day in his office go. Kabir says it went well. Narayan decides to do Pooja in the house. Ambica agrees.

Kabir later says to Kesar that Jugni called him and informed him that Suraj messaged to a phone no and made a phone call to the same phone and the last digits of that phone no is 39. Kesar checks her phone and says it is Hetal’s phone no. Kesar says Suraj and Hetal are in this together. Kesar decides to expose both of them when she gets evidence.

Episode ends.

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