Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 28th March 2024 Written Update: Jinal agrees to Ansh and Aarthi’s marriage

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 28th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shakuntala in the Rajgaur mansion calling for Rajgaur family and comnenting on them saying they forced Aarthi to commit suicide. Kabir tries to stop Shakuntala but Shakuntala doesn’t stop and comments on them. Ambica says to Shakuntala that the elders of the house have made a decision. Leela says to Shakuntala that they were hesitating about marrying Aarthi with Ansh as she is Shakuntala’s daughter and Aarthi will also be like Shakuntala. Leela says Kesar made them realise that Aarthi is good enough for Ansh. Leela says they decided to do Ansh and Aarthi’s marriage within 2 days. Shakuntala gets excited hearing this. Shakuntala decides to do Aarthi’s marriage grandly. Ambica says they will do Ansh and Aarthi’s marriage quite simply and they will tell the society when they think it’s right.

Jinal asks Ambica what kind of decision is this. Jinal reminds Ambica that she promised that she will not allow this marriage to happen without Jinal’s consent but she is giving word that this marriage will happen. Leela says they just put forth this proposal and says they are waiting for her consent. Leela says to Jinal to think about Aarthi as she tried to commit suicide to save Jinal and Ansh relationship. Ambica asks Jinal to give a chance to Aarthi and accept her. Jinal agrees. Hetal tries to speak out but Kesar shows her phone and threatens her. Hetal seeing this asks Jinal if the marriage is after 2 days when is the engagement. Jinal says it’s going to be tonight and asks Kabir to make all the preparations. Kabir agrees.

Leela praises Kesar infront of Ambica as she handled Ansh and Aarthi’s situation with maturity. Ambica asks Leela to stop praising Kesar. Leela asks Ambica if she really thinks Kesar can kill Suraj.Ambica reminds Leela that Kesar is the one who told she killed Suraj.

Narayan stops both of their argument and says Kesar has proof that Suraj is alive. Narayan says Kesar took his word that he will not tell about this to anyone so he asks both of them to stay quiet until Kesar reveals it on her own.

Shakuntala sees the jewelry given to Aarthi for the engagement by Rajgaur family. Shakuntala likes one of the ancestral necklace of Rajgaur family and she takes it from Aarthi. Aarthi asks Shakuntala to give it back. Shakuntala threatens Aarthi with breaking off this marriage.

Hetal gets voice massage in Suraj’s voice that Kesar saw him today. Hetal gets scared thinking Suraj is alive so she voice messages him saying according to their plan she sent Kesar to jail but he hasn’t come back. Hetal asks Suraj where is he.

Episode ends.

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