Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Narayan reveals a shocking truth to Ambica

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 3rd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kesar saying to Leela and Ambica that it would have been good if Dheran lived for little more time. Narayan calls for Leela. Leela asks Narayan to call her again. Narayan calls her Leela. Leela asks Jinal and Hetal to go and call Dinesh and Pavin here.

Narayan says to Ambica that he would like to tell her something and asks Ambica to make sure no one knows about what he is going to say next. Ambica agrees and closes the door.

Narayan says to Ambica that on a stormy night Dheran went to a temple and he went after Dheran worrying about him as the weather is really bad.

Narayan comes to the temple and asks Dheran why did he come to the temple. Dheran says to Narayan that there is going to be a big storm coming into their lives. Narayan asks Dheran what is the storm that he is talking about. Narayan asks Dheran whose kid is this. Dheran says it is his kid. Dheran says to Narayan that he had a one night stand with his secretary Swapna. He never met Swapna after that. Swapna gave birth to this kid and left this world. Narayan asks Dheran why didn’t he die before telling this. Narayan leaves from there in anger. Dheran asks Narayan to save his son and reminds Narayan that this kid has his blood.

Narayan says to Ambica that he always felt responsible for hiding this truth from her and Dheran died after that. Narayan says he couldn’t handle what happened and was paralysed till now. Narayan says he will accept what ever punishment she gives to him. Ambica asks Narayan why did he tell the truth now. Narayan says the God might have given him a chance to live so that he could reveal this truth to her.

Kesar thinks about Narayan words. All of the Rajgaur family members ask Leela and Ambica to open the door and say they would like to talk Narayan.

Ambica asks Narayan what happened to that kid. Narayan says he gave that kid to a couple in a hospital. Ambica asks Narayan if he knows who are they now. Narayan says Kabir is Dheran’s son. Narayan says only Janardhan father of Kabir knows that Kabir is Dheran’s son and Shakuntala doesn’t know anything about Kabir.

Narayan requests Ambica to adopt Kabir as her son and give Kabir his rightful place. Ambica says she only has one son and it is Suraj.

Kabir prays go God and asks God to stop giving hope and taking it away.

Suraj drunks with his friends. When his friends speak ill of Ambica with the nick name he used to call in the past. Suraj gets furious at them and warns them to never speak ill of his mother. Suraj’s friends agree.

Kesar tries to call Suraj but he doesn’t attend her call. Kesar comments on Suraj.

Narayan says to Ambica that he wants to make up for his sins and asks Ambica to give Kabir his rightful place. Ambica says to Narayan that he should have left this as a secret and comments on it.

Episode ends.

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