Lakshmi Narayan 11th June 2024 Written Update: Narayan makes a wise decision

Lakshmi Narayan 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayan saying to Lakshmi that he will accept every things coming from Samudram Bandanam. He will accept Lakshmi. This earth will accept Alekshmi too. A king falls on Alekshmi’s feet to leave him. She says that she is Alekshmi she won’t give boons him. She snatched the wealth from him. Narayan says to Lakshmi that Alekshmi will reach to her place. She has her own place. Let him do his duty. Sagar Dev refuses to allow the Bandanam. Jal Devi advises her husband not to go against the law. Meanwhile, Alekshmi meets the random people in the earth and snatched their wealth from them. She gives Dharid to them. Some people tries to attack her. She curses them. She is about to attack them back. Narayan comes in front of her with Sudarshan chakra. He asks her to stop it. Alekshmi says that she will snatch hua power from him. He is going against her. She tries to use her power against Narayan. Sudharshana chakram stops her. She asks him how could he use Sudharshana chakram against his Wife sister. Narayan says that he went against his wife for his duty.

Narayan says that Alekshmi is going against the universe. Its wrong. He will stop her. He advises her to back off. Alekshmi makes fun of her. Narayan punished her. He warns that he will stop her from committing sin. She asks him how could he snatch her power from her. Its against the law. She pleads with him. Narayan says that Lakshmi is symbol of nature. She created this world. She is her sister. She shouldn’t go against the rules. Narayan advises to her and disappears from there. Meanwhile, Lakshmi appreciates Narayan for showing Alekshmi’s place to her. She gives a gift to him. Narad asks him to accept it. Narayan accepted the gift and tells her that she has a place in his heart. Asurmatha makes fun of them.

Asurmatha says that they needs Amrith. Narayan says that this bandanam is for everyone. He didn’t start it for Amrith. He says that everything needs it’s time. He says that he took Kurma Avathar to balance the Mandar Parvath. He asks them to be patient. Who is doing it honestly will get Sukh, samridhi and Vaikund. Sagar Dev hallucinated Narayan everywhere. Asurmatha says that she didn’t come here for it. She needs Amrith. Where is it? Narayan says that its there. Danmanthri brings the Amrith there. Narayan asks him to give it to him. He will give it to the deserved people. Lakshmi says that Devathas deserves it. He says that Asurs also deserved it. Adhi Shakthi asks Mahadev to do something. He says that it’s true that Asurs will ruin this world if Amrith goes to their hand. But it’s also true that they deserve it. Mahabali signals to Swarnabanu. He steals the Amrith and disappears from there. Narad says to Narayan that they stole the Amrith but he is smiling. Narayan says that they lost their rights on Amrith. They don’t deserved it because they steal it. Devathas deserves it. Lakshmi, Saraswati and Adhi sakthi stops Asurmatha. Devathas locked Mahabali.

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Precap; Narayan takes Mohini Avathar

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