Lakshmi Narayan 30th May 2024 Written Update: Sagar Dev’s heinous act

Lakshmi Narayan 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Asurmatha saying to Narayan that she has an another condition. Narayan says that if her condition won’t affect anyone then he will agree to her condition. Asurmatha says that Asur will get the first rights to take it, whatever comes from the Bandanam. Narayan agrees to her condition. He asks Indra Dev if he agrees to it? He nodded to him. Naradar prays that Lakshmi shouldn’t come out first then she will belongs to Asur world. Asurmatha stops her people. She asks them who will hold Vasuki’s tail andh head? Asurmatha refuses to hold the tail. Narayan says to Indra Dev that his mom Aditi is elder to Asurmatha. So we have to hold the head of Vasuki. She will take the decision first. Swarnabanu and Mahabali says that they will told his head or else they won’t do it. Narayan says that it’s their wish. Asurmatha disliked it. Naradar says that he is believing Narayan and going forward. He will take care of everything. Asurmatha says that he is playing a trick with them. He says that he given the rights to her to start it first. He blows the shell.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi is doing puja to Narayan. Sagar Dev asks her not to do a Puja to him. He doesn’t deserve her. Lakshmi says that she listened to him everything. He might listen to her because he is stopping a wife from doing a Puja to her husband. If he don’t give up his ego then Sagar Dev will face the worst. It will affect his place too. He says that he doesn’t care about it but he won’t allow this to happen. Meanwhile, Devthas and Asur started the Samudra Bandanam. Sagar Dev gets angry and kicks on the floor. They faced earth quake there. Both Asur and Devthas couldn’t balance there. They loses their grip on Vasuki. Sagar Dev repeated his act. Mandar Parvath is drowning in the sea. Lakshmi thinks that it’s a bad omen. It shouldn’t happen. Sagar Dev says that he did this all. They can’t face him. They came to get Amrith from Sea. They won’t get anything from his place. He won’t get Lakshmi back. This Bandanam won’t take place. Devathas says to Narayan that Mandar Parvath is drowning. All his efforts are waste.

Asur people says that he ruined their hardwork. They don’t get Amrith and Narayan gets Lakshmi. Let’s go back to their world. Sagar Dev says that it’s a failure of Narayan. No one will come to get back Lakshmi. He will find a suitable person for her. Lakshmi says that he didn’t hear Narayan blowing shell. He used to blow it to start something good. He won’t use it unnecessary. Sagar Dev demotivated Lakshmi. Lakshmi gives fitting reply to her. Narayan says that he is going to take another avathar to balance the Mandar Parvath. He won’t allow it to drown. It’s for Jagath Kalyan. His love for Lakshmi. He will get her back. Narayan is determined in his decision. Lakshmi feels proud to see him there. He says that he is going to take a kurma Avathar.


Lakshmi to praise Kurma Avathar

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