Lakshmi Narayan 31st May 2024 Written Update: Sagar Dev’s heinous act

Lakshmi Narayan 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayan saying to Devathas that he will take his another Avathar to get back Lakshmi. He will take Kurma Avathar. Everyone is surprised to see his Kurma Avathar. Lakshmi feels proud of Narayan. She worshipped him. Saraswati and Brahman are sharing the importance of his Avathar. Naradar says that Narayan’s Kurma Avathar will balance the Mandar Parvath. It will be a adhar of Sagar Bandanam. Kurma Avathar carried the Mandar Parvath on its back. Sagar Dev and Jaldevi loses their balance when Mandar Parvath cake back to its place. Lakshmi makes fun of them. She praised Kurma Avathar. Narayan says that he will fulfill his duty. He asks everyone to start the Sagar bandanam again. Devathas and Asurs enters into sea. They pulls the parvath from both side.

Sagar Dev says that he won’t allow this to happen. He uses his strength there. Devathas and Asurs faces problems again in the Bandanam. They couldn’t balance again. They drops Vasuki. Devathas requests Narayan to help them. Brahman says that Sagar Dev is the reason for it. Asurmatha blames Narayan for it. She complaints that he was angry on Narayan that is why he is using his power against them. Narayan says that he didn’t punished him deliberately. Whatever happened to him, written on their destiny. Sagar Dev challenged to stop Narayan. Lakshmi gives a fitting reply to him.
Lakshmi continues her puja to Narayan. Narayan’s shadow sits upon the mandar parvath. Everyone is surprised to see it. Lakshmi smiles seeing it. Sagar Dev faces his lose. Lakshmi tells him that he can’t win against Narayan. He is god of all the Devathas. Narada says that he is doing his duty. They have to do their duty too. Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that he can’t stop it till he give what Narayan want from him.

Devathas feels weak in front of Asur. They makes fun of them. Asurmatha says that her son will finish this bandanam. They will get the Amrith first. Narayan helps Devathas to pull their side. He not only helped Devathas but also Asur people. Naradar mesmerized by the scene. He thinks that Narayan is everywhere. He praised him. Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that he is worrying about his son’s death too. He cares for each and every creation in this world. She asks him to give what he wants? Sagar Dev says that they will get this deadly poison from the Bandanam. He released it. He says that it will affect them. This Bandanam won’t take place. Lakshmi gets disappointed with him.

Episode end

Maha shiv to to drink the poison.

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