Lakshmi Narayan 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Sagar Dev released Kaalkoot to destroy the world

Lakshmi Narayan 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagar Dev saying to Lakshmi that Narayan took Kurma Avathar to balance the Mandar Parvath. May be tortoise looks strong from outside but he can’t tolerate the poisonous of Kaalkoot. How many hours he can tolerate it. Sagar Dev asks Lakshmi if she forgot the vows of her wedding. Lakshmi says that she didn’t forget it. She will fulfill her promise to Narayan. Lakshmi says that she will protect Narayan in tortoise roop. She turns to a tortoise and disappears from there. She swims around Narayan’s Kurma Avathar to create a protection. Sagar Dev says that it’s just a Kaalkoot smell. They didn’t faced the real poisonous of Kaalkoot. Lakshmi gets anxious. She starts shivering there. Jaldevi advises Lakshmi to give up. She says to Jaldevi it’s not Kaalkoot effects but their revenge. They are not only hurting Narayan but the whole world. Sagar Dev says that it’s not only affect Narayan but the earth. He asks her to stop Narayan. This world will face destruction. He vented out his anger on her. Lakshmi asks Narayan to stop this bandanam. Narayan hears it.

Lakshmi says to Narayan that their love shouldn’t affect the innocent souls. They shouldn’t bring destruction to this world. She pleads with him to stop this bandanam. Lakshmi says that she can’t see him like this. Narayan says that he can’t see his Lakshmi struggling. She took this avathar for him. This Bandanam won’t stop Devi. Lakshmi says that this poison will destroy this world. Narayan says that this bandanam is not only for Sree but also for Jagath Kalyan. To get Amrith they have to drink Poison. This Bandanam is important for Jagath Kalyan. He asks to believe her Narayan. Lakshmi smiles in relief. Sagar Dev is surprised to see it. She tells him that this Bandanam won’t stop because she is believing in her Narayan. Saraswati and Brahman are discussing about the Bandanam. Asurmatha says that this bandanam will talk about Asur world strength.

Sagar Dev says that they can’t stop the destruction of this world till the Bandanam stop. Naradar asks Narayan what’s going on here? Devathas and Asurs are struggling in the Bandanam. They feels dizzy. They couldn’t breathe due to the poisonous smell. Mahabali asks Swarnabanu if this Amrith. He says that it’s not poisonous. Brahman asks Narayan what’s going on here. Asurmatha complaints to Narayan that he informed them that Amrit will come out from this bandanam. But it’s giving death to her children. Brahman says that it’s not only affecting Asur but also Devathas. Narayan says that it’s Kaalkoot. Asurs started fainted there. Asurmatha scolds Narayan. Asurs asks her to stop this bandanam. Let’s go back to their place. Narayan says that this poison is spread in the whole world. They can’t escape from it. Sagar Dev says that this is the effect of messing up with him. Narayan created this situation to everyone. Lakshmi says that this sea is also a creation of Narayan. He shouldn’t forget that. They are also facing the side effects of it. Sagar Dev says that he lost his son. He is ready to sacrifice anything for his son.

Sagar Dev says that it’s his true love for his son. If Narayan’s love for this universe is true then he can stop it. Naradar asks Narayan to stop it. Devathas and Asurs pleads with Narayan to stop this. Narayan assures them that he will stop it by risking his life. Sagar Dev feels happy to hear it. Lakshmi gets anxious.

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