Lakshmi Narayan 4th June 2024 Written Update: Mahadev’s selfless act

Lakshmi Narayan 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayan saying to everyone that he will drink this Kaalkoot for Jagath Kalyan and three world. Lakshmi is shocked to hear it. Naradar tried to stop him. He is about to drink it but Mahadev comes there. He stops him from drinking it. Devathas and Asur greets him. Narayan asks him why he is here. Mahadev says that he won’t do anything without thinking about it. He is his friend. He came to help him. He came here for Jagath Kalyan. He came to support him. He shows his support to him. He says that it’s not only his duty to protect this universe. He has the duty to protect it. He says that he will drink the Kaalkoot. He asks him to give the shell to him. Narayan refuses to give it. He says that this bandanam is his duty. He has to protect Devathas and Asurs. He started this bandanam. He might face the consequences for it. Mahadev says that he is carrying the mandar parvath. He is protecting it. Mahadev says that he will drink it and fulfill his duty.

Narayan says to him that he can’t see him in pain. Mahadev asks him if he take this risk then who will protect the sansaar. He asks him to give the Kaalkoot to him. Sagar Dev says that Narayan given the responsibility to Mahadev. He didn’t fulfil his duty. He will be the reason for Mahadev’s end. Mahadev says to Narayan that he is accepting this Kaalkoot with love and respect on him. He shouldn’t stop him till he drink it. Sagar Dev says that Narayan is going to end Mahadev Life too. Lakshmi lashes out at him for badmouthing on Narayan. Mahadev drinks the Kaalkoot. Sagar Dev tried to provoke Lakshmi against Narayan. Sagar Dev says that he is allowing Mahadev to drink the poison. He doesn’t care about this shristi. Lakshmi asks him to stop his assumption.

Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that Mahadev is his friend. He won’t allow anything happen to him. Mahadev drinking the poison. Narayan prays to Adhi Shakthi. He says that Mahadev asked him not to stop him. Only Adhi Shakthi can stop him with her love. Adhi Shakthi comes there. Everyone greets her. Mahadev is about to fall down. She holds him. She stops the poison in his neck. It’s stayed in his neck. Narayan says that Mahadev took the deadly poison and it’s stuck on his neck. From today they will call him as Neela kandan. Narayan says that Adhi Shakthi may stopped him from drink the poison but he needs energy to stand up. We have to give jal Abhishek to him. They give jal Abhishek to him. Adhi Shakthi thanked Narayan for helping Maha dev. Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that Narayan did his duty as a friend and saved this creation. His plan is flopped again. Jal Devi says that bandanam stopped. Lakshmi says that it’s not stopped. It will start again. She says that they have time still. She asks her to give importance to love then their revenge or else he will lose everything.

Episode end

Narayan starts the Bandanam again

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