Lakshmi Narayan 5th June 2024 Written Update: Sagar Dev failed miserably

Lakshmi Narayan 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahadev saying to Narayan that he started this Samudra Bandanam for Jagath Kalyan. He got a new name because of this bandan. He asks him to start the Samudra Bandan again. Narayan says to Sagar Dev that he puts the world in danger for his personal revenge. He is going to start the bandan again. What he will do now? Neither he can’t stop him nor this bandan. He can’t even stop him from meeting Lakshmi. Narayan warns that he will lose everything in this bandanam. Sagar Dev gets frustrated. Narayan asks Devathas and Asurs to start the Bandanam again. Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that Narayan won’t stop this bandanam. He will collect everything from this Samudram. Jaldevi asks Sagar Dev if they lose everything to Narayan. He denied it. He asks his soldiers to follow him. He covered the tree with his protection. He stops it from going out of the sea. His soldiers fainted there. Lakshmi attacked them. She free the tree.

Sagar gets frustrated and argues with Lakshmi. Lakshmi says that she is against wrong deeds. He can’t stop their efforts. Sagar Dev says that he won’t allow Narayan to collect anything from Sea. Lakshmi says that she is the creation. She created this nature and sea. She won’t allow him to destroy it. She may be his daughter but she is Sree to Narayan. She is Shriti’s Devi. She won’t back off from her duty. Jaldevi asks her not to go against her father. Devi says that she is doing her duty. Paarijaath tree comes out the sea. Devathas worshipped it. Lakshmi says that Sagar Dev is going to lost everything. Jal Devi asks her not to go against her father. Lakshmi says that they lost their rights on her. They can’t stop her. Narayan says that Paarijaath flower is the symbol of new beginning. He recalls his moments with Lakshmi.

Narayan says that Paarijaath came out so Lakshmi will also come out. Asurs says that they don’t need this tree. Indran can keep it because he lose everything because of this flower. Devathas accepted it. Rishi keshyap says to other rishi about it. He says that Narayan will bring back Lakshmi to their world. He meet Narayan. He express his happiness with him. Next, Elephant comes out of the sea. Asurs makes fun of Indran seeing it. Indran is about to collect it. Narayan stops him. He says that Asurs has the rights to choose it. Mahabali says that we need this. Asurmatha thinks that it’s Narayan’s plan. Narayan says that he is fulfilling his promise to them. Asurs can take this old vehicle of Indran. They will take new one. Asurs refuses to take it. Indran accepted it. Later, cow comes out of it. Asurs refuses to take it reasoning they needs alcohol and Amrith not this milk. Narayan gifted the cow to Rishi. Varnika asks Sagar to stop him. His bow is broken. Lakshmi says that he chose to support the wrong thing due to his revenge. He is paying for it. He will lose everything because of his wrong thoughts. Asurs choose Varnika. Narayan gives it to them.

Episode end

Precap; Lakshmi gives vidai to Sagar Dev

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