Lakshmi Narayan 6th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi ruins Sagar Dev’s plan

Lakshmi Narayan 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts Narayan saying to Asur’s this is Varnika. He introduced her to them. Asurs choose Varnika. Naradar says to Narayan that he is executing his plan well. He is doing everything with a good intentions behind it. He praised him. Sagar Dev gets frustrated to see his treasures going out of the sea. Lakshmi feels happy to see it. Kalpaka vrish comes out of the sea. Mahabali says that nothing is left in this sea other then flowers and tree. They don’t need it. Asurmatha tried to stop them but they refuses to accept it. Asurmatha tried to convince Narayan. He says that Asurs refuses to accept it. Asurmatha says that they need it. Narayan says that they lose the chance. Devathas thanked Narayan. Asurmatha complaints to Mahabali that he is the king of Asurlok. He doesn’t know that Kalpaka vrish can fulfill their wish. She advises him to choose everything carefully.

Meanwhile, Apsara and powerful horse comes out. Narayan says that he is giving a chance to Asur to choose first. Apsaras is the beautiful woman in the world. She can entertain them. Asurs admires her. Asurmatha says that Devathas had a special horse. They need one too. She accept the horse. Naradar says to Narayan that he is aware that this is what he wanted. Saraswati says that they are getting what they want but Lakshmi didn’t return to him yet. Narayan asks them not to stop this bandanam till Lakshmi brings Amrith. Lakshmi says to Sagar Dev that he is going to lose everything. She asks him to allow her to leave or else, nothing will last in his hand. His soldiers pleads with him to save them. Lakshmi gives a final warning to them. Sagar Dev asks his soldiers to take a revenge to them for his son’s death. Sagar Dev is adamant in his decision. Jal Devi leaves from there. Sagar Dev says that he gave shelter to her. But she doesn’t care about this place destruction. Jal Devi says that she won’t allow anything happens to her daughter. She brings the gift for Lakshmi.

Sagar Dev asks her what’s she doing? Jal Devi says that she is correcting his mistake. She would have done it before. She shouldn’t have tried to separate her daughter from her love. She apologized to her. Jal Devi makes her wear the chunri and blessed her. Sagar Dev says that it’s wrong. Jal Devi says that they did wrong. They shouldn’t separate Lakshmi from her Narayan. They won’t be happy after seperate her from him. We were wrong. Lakshmi was trying to make them understand their mistake. Her love drained after her son death. She forgot that she is a queen and these people are her children. She has to take care of them. She thanked Lakshmi for make her understand her mistake. Lakshmi is doing her vidai. Sagar Dev threatens to kill himself. Lakshmi says that a daughter won’t take her father life in her vidai. She blessed him to live long live. Sword disappears from his hand and it becomes a flower. He tried to stop her but Jal Devi stop him. She threatens to kill herself if he stops Lakshmi. Narayan and Lakshmi are excited to meet each other.

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