Lakshmi Narayan 7th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi is back

Lakshmi Narayan 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi returning to Narayan. His Dress is back. Devathas and Narayan gained their wealth back. Narayan welcomes Lakshmi. She comes out of the Sagar. Everyone greets her. They mentioned her name. Narayan and Lakshmi get emotional seeing each other. Narayan says to her that he waited for her a lot. Lakshmi says to him that she returned for him. She expressed her happiness with him. She feels happy to return to him. They praised them. Devathas expressed their happiness to see them together. Naradar says that this world is celebrating their togetherness. Asurmatha says that they are also this universe creation. She won’t allow this celebration to take place. Narayan got his Lakshmi back. Devathas got their Sukh and Samridhi. They agreed to do this bandanam for Amrith. They didn’t get the Amrith yet. Rishi keshyap says that she shouldn’t stop their wedding. Asurmatha asks him how could he forgot his son death? She can’t forget it yet. She can’t lose another son. She only needs Amrith.

Rishi keshyap says that his wife shouldn’t insult Lakshmi and Narayan. They are his god. He can’t allow her to stop their wedding. If she leaves then she can’t return to him. Asurmatha says that he is insulting his wife for others. Rishi keshyap advises to her. Asurmatha says that she will do it for her husband. She won’t stop their wedding. They will close their eyes till they get married. They won’t witness their wedding. They closed their eyes. Naradar gives a fitting reply to them. Rishi keshyap expressed his gratitude for allowing him to witness their wedding. Mahadev is watching it all. Adhi Shakthi gives medicine to him.
Adhi Shakthi says to Mahadeva that Narayan will put the garland on Lakshmi’s neck. Mahadev denied it reasoning he won’t allow it to happen. He says that he can’t wear this garland.

Narayan says to Lakshmi it’s not right to wear this garland on this way. Adhi Shakthi asks Mahadev what’s the reason behind it. Mahadev says that Narayan can’t hurt anyone. Lakshmi asks Narayan what happened to him? He carried the Mandar Parvath for her with the help of Garud. Narayan says that he got his sree back. But his Lakshmi isn’t standing in front of him. She is Sagar Dev’s daughter. She needs his permission to go with him. He can’t marry her without them. Lakshmi says that she feels proud of him. She says that he won’t come because he was angry at her. Brahman says that parents can’t show their anger at their child. He motivates her to call him. She called them to give their blessings to her. Naradar meets Sagar Dev and Jaldevi. He narrated to them the intention of Narayan. He convinced them. Sagar Dev and Jaldevi appears in front of Narayan..

Episode end

Sagar Dev blessed Narayan and Lakshmi

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