Lalit Dalmia shoots celeb calendar for Pehla Kadam

Lalit Dalmia and Nivedita Basu’s Pehla Kadam, an initiative which works for the welfare of women and the girl child, shot a celebrity calendar to support the cause. Many TV actors posed for the calendar shoot, wearing Lalit’s incredible and beautiful designs. “Pehla Kadam is all about supporting girl child education and working towards women empowerment. So, I thought it would be great to choose young TV artists who can understand and support the cause as well as raise awareness amongst the masses and walk with pride in my haute couture Seven Sin collection,” says Lalit.


The designer has had quite an eventful journey and says that he has learned a lot along the way. “I came to Delhi in 2004 to take the first step towards turning my dreams into reality. I attained the knowledge of fashion from a fashion school. Soon after receiving this knowledge, I stepped into Banaras to learn and understand the Gaatha work of handloom. I also went to Calcutta to gain the deep-rooted knowledge of traditional hand-work,” he says, adding, “We launched our first store in Pitampura, Delhi in the year 2009. We also organized an exhibition in a whole new way. The exhibition was an epitome of trendsetting collections where my outstanding and new versions of designs were presented by gorgeous models. This was the turning point for me when my work and ideas won the hearts of many. My journey of famous fashion shows started after this which landed me in the hearts and minds of many famous celebrities.”


However, his future has him linked to working for women empowerment. “In the future, I want to work on my brand Lalit Dalmia and take it to newer heights by building my brand’s presence all over the country. Also, I want to give back to society and contribute for girl and women empowerment in our country through Pehla Kadam,” he says.

The Calendar featured Rishina Kandhari, Raj Singh Arora, Amit Dolawat, Ankit Bathla, Gia Manek, Anshul Pandey, Priyanka  Udhwani, Charlie Chauhan, Kunwar Amarjeet, Charu Mehra, Ashwini Koul, Gunjan Walia, Vikas Manaktala, Karan Veer Mehra, Vindhya Tiwari, Krrip Suri, Simran Suri, Latika Gill, Kushagre Dua, Manraj Singh, Deepa Kaur, Natasha Mohan Sharma, Ssumier Pasricha, Rehaan Roy, Tanaaz Irani, Karan Sharma