Leela defamed Hasmukh is the highlight of the week: Anupama

We are back with the weekly highlight of Rajan Shahi’s ‘Anupama’. This week Leela’s accusation stunned Shah’s. Read out more below!

Leela asks Anuj to marry Anupama:

Kavya instigate Leela against Anupama post Hasmukh, Jignesh, Kinjal and others visit Anupama’s house to celebrate Diwali. Furious Leela decides to confront Anupama for snatching her family. She further asks Anuj to marry Anupama. Keeping the respect of his friendship with Anuj refused to marry Anupama.

Leela defame Hasmukh:

Post Anuj reject Leela’s offer, latter lose her cool. Hasmukh tried to side Anupama. Leela defamed Hasmukh by saying he is failure of his life who did nothing to grow his house and family. She praise Vanraj for building house. Anupama asks Leela not to say anything which she will regret later. Leela get adamant and defamed Hasmukh.

Hasmukh is shattered:

Hasmukg gets shattered hearing Leela. Leela thinks she is right on her place. Kavya worries what will happen post Vanraj will learn about Leela’s deed. She tries to convince Leela to apologize Hasmukh and bring him back home. In the meantime, Jignesh break his ties with Leela and shifts with Hasmukh and Anupama.

Vanraj learns the truth:

Towards the end of the week; Leela realized her mistake. Anupama support Leela. Vanraj learned that Leela disrespected Hasmukh. He decides to break his ties with Leela. Vanraj gets adamant to bring Hasmukh back to home. There, Anuj talk with Gk and says he don’t understand why Anupama didn’t yet returned. GK says Anupama might be with Leela. Anuj says maybe Anupama went to drop Leela. He adds he feel Anupama is breaking down for what all happening with her in these many days. GK says thus they are here to support her and Hasmukh. Anuj decide to call Samar. In the meantime, Vanraj and Anupama does the argument post Kavya provokes former against Anupama. Anupama is accused for breaking Shah family. Kavya accuse Anupama for being the reason for the separation of Hasmukh and Leela. Vanraj too accuse Hasmukh for trying to pull the family towards her. Anupama asks Vanraj to start loving the family equally so that they stay with him. Kavya keep accusing Anupama.

Leela takes a stand for Anupama. She revealed that Anupama is not at mistake if Hasmukh has left the house. Leela takes the blame on herself. Vanraj says it is good Leela realised her mistake but it is not efficient until Hasmuk don’t return back home. Here, Anuj informs GK that Vanraj learned the whole truth and is getting furious.

Kavya keeps instigating Vanraj against Anupama. Vanraj shuts Kavya’s mouth. Pakhi, Kinjal and Samar says Vanraj is unstoppable today. Pakhi says more than angry Vanraj is scared to lose his parents as she can relate. Vanraj restrict Leela’s entry in the house until Hasmukh returns. Anupama goes against Vanraj as latter tries to slam the door on Leela’s face. Vanraj asks Anupama to remove her hand. Anupama get adamant. Hasmukh returns home. Vanraj gets happy seeing Hasmukh. He invite Hasmukh to inside the house. Hasmukh asks Vanraj not to fight as Shah’s has lost everything already. Vanraj tries to convince Hasmukh to come back home. Hasmukh gets adamant to not return in Leela’s house. He adds even if he will go inside the house still he won’t be happy.

Kavya gets irked seeing Hasmukh’s drama. Leela apologize to Hasmukh for her mistake and asks him not to punish Vanraj. She blame Kavya and says latter instigated her against Anupama. Vanraj goes mad at Kavya post latter tries to cover up her deed. Kavya defends herself. Vanraj says Kavya has negative vibes.