Little Women Episode 6 Written Update: Deaths and Mysteries keeps hitting rock bottom.

The episode starts with In Joo getting shocked seeing the dash cam footage and getting shocked. In Kyung exposed that Park Jae Sang’s father owned lands of 8 billion with certified copy in front of media and also told that she was ousted from her job. In Joo asked Hyo Rim about how and where did she see the death of Hwa Young and Hyo Rim says that she just got remembered just like that.

In Hye says that she also got remembered in In Seon’s death the same way. In Joo predicts that the orchid serves as a hallucination inducer to bring back the memories. Hyo Rim refuses to give In Joo the dash cam footage ae she don’t want her father to get caught in murder charges. In Joo promised her to not take the footage without her permission and gives her pills to Hyo Rim.

Hyo Rim is fast asleep when In Joo sneaked into her room to get the footage. She could find it and In Hye caught her. She confronted her for giving sleeping pills to Hyo Rim and trying to steal the footage. In Joo understands that In Hye hid it from her and got angry. Soo Rim says Jae Sang that there are numerous articles about what happened in the press meet and Jae Sang asks her to not do any damage control as it could revert them back.

Soo Rim sees In Joo angrily leaving somewhere. She follows her with her men as In Hoo goes into Hea Young’s house. In Joo well aware that Soo Rim is following her kept watching her from window. She comes out with a box and Soo Rim forcefully snatches it from her only to find fishes in it. In Joo cries that she Hwa Young asked her to take care of the fishes before her death. Soo Rin gets pissed off.

In Hye and Hyo Rin hide the footage below the orchids tree and dug it in. In Hye asks Hyo Rin to only trust her and no one else. In Joo asked Jae Sang’s permission for her great aunt to meet him. Jae Sang refused at first but she later presented a picture to him and he agreed to meet her. Its revealed that she was a close associate with General and Park Jae Sang’s father who nursed her. Park Jae Sang told that he was not much aware about her and asked how was she alive despite associated with the family. Great aunt says that she’s more close to General than he is and she’s alive as she saved his alive. She also revealed that she’s the last person his father contacted before dying.

In Joo met with Do Il and told about Park Jae Sang involved in Hwa Young’s murder. She also told that she went there to check who would get tensed upon her visit to the place. Do Il asks if she also doubted him when In Joo showed him the article about his ex girlfriend. Do Il showed the pictures of the same girl with a different name still alive and told that he was her client and it was all his made up story. He asks her to concentrate on the Singapore trip over Hwa Young and her sisters for now. In Joo is bit convinced. Park Jae Sang dusted off In Kyung’s accusations claiming that they used their funds to sponsor under privileged talented students. Ma Ri indirectly claimed that In Kyung’s sister is one of the beneficiary and she still became a whistle blower against Jae Sang.

In Joo fumed seeing it but Do Il asked get to focus on goal. Everyone is watching the news and Great Aunt asks In Joo to control In Kyung. In Kyung calls In Hye who’s with Jae Sang’s family but she just ignored her and left. In Joo took away In Kyung who were surrounded by questioning reporters. Great Aunt asks In Kyung to accept her defeat when In Kyung confronted her regarding involved with them in their past. Great Aunt refused to give away details as it could be dangerous for the three sisters and asks her to keep it low. In Kyung acts reckless but In Joo agreed with Great Aunt’s words. In Kyung left angrily.

Soo Rim happily says Jae Sang that his winning percentage increased by 5% after his recent stunt and Jae Sang and Sang Ah were happy hearing it. They thanked In Kyung for it but also asks her to get rid of her as she could be a headache. Soo Rim wants to get rid of In Joo too as she visited Hwa Young’s place for fish and Do Il call it absurd as well as Sang Ah. In Kyung is still working on the money embezzlement when she visits her office to find all the materials gone. She finds her colleague shredding it upon higher officials order as she no more works in the channel. In Kyung collected shreds of a particular picture.

Soo Rim is still suspicious of Jae Do il’s involvement with In Joo but Do Il didn’t give away so easily. He taunted her in return. In Joo visited Sang Ah who’s with her with vegetative state father. She says that she wanted to show him the victory of the person he chose pointing the news stating Park Jae Sang Mayor election. She asks In Joo to go to Singapore and In Joo asks if its the same job did by Hwa Young.

Sang Ah agrees and In Joo asks why would she send her despite Hwa Young cheating on her. She says that she has her sisters but Hwa Young had bo one she should protect. She shows the orchids and gifts her a half bloomed Blue Orchid. She asks her to smell it before going to bed and it will bloom by night. Sang Ah says that they are the members of International Orchid Society or simply Jeongram Society.

In Kyung organises the picture to find Jeongram society written at the back of it. She collected details of it and finds it linked with bank slush fund and calls Jang Ho to investigate more. In Hye urges Hyo Rin to smell the flowers to open the door for her memories. Do Il sees In Joo with the Blue Orchid and asks her not to keep it but In Joo doesn’t listen. She smells it and goes to bed.

Jang Ho and In Kyung find out that Jeongram Society land belonged to many people and only three of them alive including her Great Aunt. They find that everyone died after some scans and it was all over the news. In Joo visits her Great Aunt as she found few memories and suggests to use the ledger to bring down Jae Sang. Hyo Rin finds about a stairs which she visited in childhood and both In Hye and Hyo Rin walked through it. Sang Ah stops them on time. In Kyung came to her great aunt to find her dead in pool of blood with In Joo holding her. A blue Orchid is seen lying beside her.