Live TV And Betting – A Match Made In Heaven

Live sports on TV have always been a fixture, but in recent years live sporting events have gone hand in hand with betting. Why is it these two things have become synonymous in many sports fans minds?

Live TV And Betting – A Match Made In Heaven

Live Sports Are Huge Business

Taking live sports on their own, you will see that they take in huge amounts of viewers every time they are broadcast. This isn’t too surprising when you consider the huge nature of many of these events. For example, the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events that is broadcast worldwide, every four years. In 2022, they reached a record 5 billion viewers worldwide during the events, with 1.5 billion people watching the final game.

That’s not the only sport that has reached record numbers when it comes to live broadcast. The Tour de France reached 3.5 billion viewers at its peak, and the Women’s World Cup reached 2 billion viewers worldwide in 2023. 

Because the viewership is so huge on these sports, of course they are going to make money. Advertising alone on these broadcasts is going to be a massive money maker. Then, you need to consider things such as live streaming fees, subscriptions to live streaming services, and all the other way is that these live broadcasts are generating income.

In Play Betting And It’s Relationship To Live Sports

So how does betting go hand in hand with live TV broadcasts of sporting events? It always has had a relationship, even during the days of betting shops and hunters having to watch matches online to see whether their bet played out. Now though, they are more integral to each other that ever before. 

This is thanks to the rise of online betting. Top betting brands have been launching their own website and online betting services for decades now, but the industry really exploded in 2020. The pandemic certainly had a hand in this, as people were not able to visit their favourite betting shop to make bets. Instead, they would turn to the associated website in order to place bets.

Online betting as evolved a lot as well, and some of the most popular offerings available are those for in play betting. This refers to betting on events that are currently in progress, and all good betting sites should have markets for this. Typically, you will see sections on betting sites that have all the odds in real time, and update them in reaction to what is happening in the game.

 Because people are able to bet on games in programs through their favourite betting website, they can watch the game on live broadcast and place bets all in the comfort of their own home. That makes betting easier and more fun than ever before.

Live Streaming On Betting Sites

Something else to consider when it comes to the relationship between live sports and betting, is the growth of live streaming available on betting sites. Often established betting sites will have streaming rights for sporting events and occasionally some of the newer betting sites will also offer streaming of events like the Euro 2024 or Paris Olympics . That allows them to place bets on the site, and watch the game in action all within the same place. 

You can see why this is such a huge bonus to those who are members of these sites. With live sports very often being locked behind TV subscriptions and other subscriptions services, it can be easier to simply place the bet on your favourite site and watch the game there. Plus, they can do everything within the same sites, which makes betting so much more convenient.

Live streaming will often be given to members as a feature, alongside other in play betting features like match graphics that are updated to show relevant information, as well as statistics on the current and previous matches. With all this data available, it helps members place the bets that are best for them, every time.

The Availability Of Live Streaming

When considering live streaming on betting sites, it is worth noting that they do not all have this feature. Thanks to legal considerations with rights owners to different sports, it is really a small portion of betting sites that are able to offer live streaming to their members.

If you are not a member of one of these sites, then you will not have access to live streaming through your chosen betting service. For those who are looking for a new betting site, a lot of them are looking for live streaming as a key feature. That shows just how popular and important this is to anyone who wants to bet online right now.

Live Streaming Benefits For Bookies

It is not just the members who are benefiting from having live streaming available to them. Bookmakers who are able to offer live streaming to their members are also reaping the rewards as well.

If they are able to offer live streaming, that is another benefit that they can offer that many other sites can’t. With such a small number of bookies being able to do this, it does make live streaming a unique selling point for them.

Also, if the site are able to live stream plenty of live sports events, then that means they can keep members on the site for longer. That is perfect for bookies who are looking to increase engagement on the site, and increase profit at the same time. You can see a lot of bookmaker sites introducing live streaming, even though the fees for doing so will be large, because the potential profits will make it worth it.

With such benefits associated with offering live sports streaming, you can see why more and more bookmaker sites are doing their best to introduce it right now.

Overall, there has never been such a close connection between live sport broadcasting and betting. With live streaming games being available online, and bookmaker sites even being able to offer live streaming themselves, it has never been easier to enjoy betting while watching your favourite sport.