Lockdown Ki Love Story 10th November 2020 Written Update: Milky emotionally blackmails Dhruv

Lockdown Ki Love Story 10th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Raghav and Dhruv fight, both fall down but still fight rolling over each other, Sonam and others try to stop them, Sonam gives hand to Dhruv for him to get up, Raghav holds her hand and puts a chit. They get up and Raghav taunts Dhruv on exchanged brides. That had so much free publicity. Raghav leaves. Family members wonder why he came after so many years, Sheetal says when Shashikant and their other brother had rift, she lost connection with another brother. Nutan says he came to taunt for Dhruv’s marriage, she blames Sonam for having to listen all taunts. Dhruv says she will leave in 7 days if she doesn’t show proofs. Sonam sees the chit, if she wants to end all her problems, she has to call on a number.

Raghav feels Sonam will call him as per calculations. Sonam calls him and asks him what problem he was talking about. He praises her for coming directly to the point, he has proof to prove her innocence, he is Dhruv’s cousin, he asks her to meet him evening, he will message her about the place. She says okay.

Dhruv, Shashikant talk about Raghav, Sonam feels what did Raghav do that they all are so angry, she wonders if meeting Raghav alone is safe option. Nutan asks where is she planning to go, if she is thinking to go Mumbai in 7 days. Sonam says Nutan is not worrying about the man who hit Dhruv coming to their house. Nutan says he is their relative but she is staying here without any relation.

Sonam asks Sneha about Raghav, Sneha says Raghav is Sobhan chacha’s son. Raghav is dangerous man, he and Dhruv had a big fight few years back, she never saw Dhruv that much angry any time. Raghav’s family wish to see their family in trouble, Nutan calls Sneha, she leaves. Sonam’s mother calls her, Sonam shares her dilemma to meet Raghav, her mother tells her to go and meet, she has enemies at jaiswal house but she is staying there, so there’s no different in meeting Raghav. Sonam says both are different. Her mother says Raghav would have selfish motive behind helping her, she will know it after meeting him. Sonam agree to meet him.

Milky’s mother comes, Milky has poison bottle, Dhruv sees it from upstairs, he taunts one drama after other drama ends. Milky tries to emotionally manipulate him that she will die but won’t leave this home. Milky’s mother asks if they brought Milky to their home to kill her, Shashikant says they didn’t bring her, she sent her hiding Milky in ghungat.

Precap: Raghav shows video of Milky’s mother talking about exchanging brides which will prove Sonam innocence.

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