Lockdown Ki Love Story 15th September 2020 Written Update: Buaji Brainwashed Amma

Lockdown Ki Love Story 15th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with the dining room scene where Tanu said you guys also should try Mom’s paneer chinese preparation, Mom makes it awesome.

On which Dheeraj said it means both Moms are “paneer specialist”. Then Babuji said Shubhadra ji makes it sometime for all of us also, as lockdown is going on so we can’t go anywhere outside to eat, and change our tastes. Shubhadra said sure.

Later, Dhruv dressing Sonam’s injured hand, and said that he is very happy as now Mom are happy. On this, Sonam said which mom? Yours or Mine because both are mothers and both are ours, but yours and mine not sounds good, and continously chanting. Then Dhruv covered Sonam’s Mouth from bandage, and laughs.

Then Dhruv removes bandage, and Sonam said that as Amma first time feed her with so much love , that’s why she also want to give some gift to her. But as lockdown is, she have a idea to make something with old clothes. But as she is injured Dhruv have to help her, on this Dhruv gets ready and excited, and Sonam starts experiments with clothes on Dhruv.

On the other side, Babuji gets happy with Amma good behavior for Sonam. And said Amma for demanding any of gift what she wants, new clothes, jewelry etc. But Amma said she is not happy with this marriage yet, and only did this to save Buaji’s respect. By this, Babuji gets upset again and step forward to leave from room, but on door he sees Buaji so he scolds Buaji.

After going of Babuji, Buaji asked why he was in angry mood, then Amma told all the matter to Buaji, but Buaji again brainwashed Amma. Ahead, Batasa was doing oil massage in Babuji’s hair, only then Shubhadra came and starts talking about Amma that.

She knows that Amma don’t happy with this marriage, but Babuji convince her forcefully that’s why she behaves well with Sonam, and said it’s wrong untill Amma don’t gets Dhruv and Sonam marriage heartly. In kitchen, Amma tried to convince Pratap by giving the example of bottle and lid.

Precap- Amma was saying you takes your lid with yours, and we keep our bottle, and cancel this wedding. Sonam overheard this, which takes Dhruv and Sonam into fight. And they both said now wedding are cancel.