Lockdown Ki Love Story 17th September 2020 Written Update: Sonam visits Corona patient

Lockdown Ki Love Story 17th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with Dhruv said there is no guarantee of anything, infact not of my life. Then Sonam cover up his mouth with her hand, to stops him from saying this. Then Dhruv said you loves me a lot but still you don’t believe on our power of love, which brings us to this, and believe if we try we surely pacify all for our wedding.

Just we have to do everything in diplomatic way, then Sonam said you always said to me to do things diplomatically, so everyones likes it. But it’s wrong, we have to tell truth how we actually are, because it’s our families, not a politics of two random countries.

 Then Dhruv said but marriage is our decision and it’s on totally ours, that we can manage our marriage and relationships, and families are secondary. Then Sonam said, if it is then I am going down to tell everyone that we are doing in temple, and who wants to bless us, it can, otherwise we don’t care.

 Then Dhruv tried to stop her, but she quickly goes down and said this to everyone, then Dhruv tried to stop her. But Sonam said, it’s important for every girl Dhruv, that her in laws accept her and treat her as daughter, not like a lid of bottle. Then Dhruv said, you think I said this for only doing wedding, I only want to do wedding.

Sonam said I just saying that I don’t want to marry after hurt someone. Then leave it we will don’t marry, Amma Babuji wedding cancel, Dhruv said. After a pause Sonam also said same, then Pratap, Amma and Buaji gets happy with it.

Pratap said if they both also thinks same, then what we can do? Then Amma said, it happens good that everything became clear before marriage, otherwise it does creates big trouble. Then Buaji said, couple who didn’t made in heaven, it can’t make here. Because before any of bad thing, god always sends warning to us.

suddenly, everybody got shocked by ambulance horn, then they checked and found that, police came with ambulance to catch corona patient, who is in this area. And announced that this place is now an contentment zone, but the patient, Krishna tries to hide from police.

Because he don’t want to go quarantine center as he don’t have any symptoms, and stands on building and warn inspector that if he tries to catch him he will throw stone on him. Then Sonam tried to calm everyone, and said that he is not a terrorist, but only he don’t have proper information about disease.

So we have to treat him with patience, otherwise it can harm us or himself. But nobody listens, and Dhruv gave ladder to inspector, and inspector starts finding his PPE Kit. But what, Sonam climbs on building to pacify Krishna, and everyone gets shocked by seeing this. (Episode Ends)

Precap- Sonam said to Krishna that her wedding got cancel, then Dhruv snatches microphone from inspector, and said. Sonam I snatch this microphone for apologize to you.