Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th September 2020 Written Update: Good news for Dhruv and Sonam

Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with Pratap told Shubhdra, Amber and Tanu that he arranged the medical pass for going Mumbai. But Shubhdra shows disagreement with his decision, on this Pratap, said that why you always show disagreement with my points? You ever don’t know how many difficulties I made this pass from a doctor. Only then the various noise came from outside, and after listening noises Pratap and family go out to see what happened.

Pratap and the rest came out, then Buaji said see that what’s your daughter doing, then the whole of Sonam’s family gets shocked. And Pratap get angry and said who sent my daughter to that building? Then said to Shubhdra that see what’s going on here with my daughter and you were saying we would not go from here.

Then scene shift to Sonam and Krishna Bhaiya, Krishna Bhaiya said I already said if any of the policemen or this cruel hospital staff come to catch me from the ladder then I will throw this stone on them. Then Sonam said see Krishna Bhaiya I’m not a police or hospital staff nor I came here from ladder. I just came here to save you, then Krishna Bhaiya said but why I don’t want to go with them, and who are you and why interfering in our personal matter? Then Sonam said why I can not come here?

It’s my Dhruv’s street. Then Krishna Bhaiya said means you are Sonam Bhabhi from Mumbai. Nice to meet you, Dhruv Bhaiya told so much about you but for the first time I got a chance to meet you. Then he said if lockdown doesn’t happen, then surely I will come in you both wedding. Then Sonam said we both got fight, that why the wedding went cancel. Then Krishna Bhaiya said that why are you both given up so early.

Then Sonam said as you, why are you not going to the hospital, they will fully cure your disease, and if you jump from here then I know you will not die but your 15-20 bones will surely get freaked. Then Krishna Bhaiya said I am worried for my family if something happens to me, then what will they do? My mother my wife, and I listened from my friends in the hospital they don’t behave well with patients.

Then press reporters came and the inspector said now this media also came. Now we can’t wait, otherwise, the media creates a big ruckus. And now your Krishna Bhaiya will go to the hospital and your that madam will goes to jail. But Dhruv pleases him to give sometime more to Sonam, and said I believe Sonam will surely pacify Krishna Bhaiya to goes hospital.

Then the inspector said ok I am giving you last 5 mins. Then reporters starts coverage and said the first patient of corona in Prayagraj is found in Karnalgunj, but he don’t want to go hospital. And there is a girl who also climb on building to save and pacify him. Let’s see what happens next, and what the relation between that patient and that girl.

Then Amma said that Sonam insults us in front of all with her daring, see what kind of connections media is making. Scene shift again and Sonam still trying to pacify Krishna Bhaiya, she said see if you fall on back then you would be paralysed, so you can’t be able to do anything by yourself.

And if on legs then your bones would be crushed badly. Then Krishna Bhaiya said ok I will not jump but still I will not go to hospital. Then Dhruv told a plan to his friends, and then inspector said time is over now we have to catch them both. Then Dhruv snatches the microphone from inspector and climb on police jeep, then firstly gave introduction of each other to them both. Then said to Sonam that I climb to say sorry to you please forgive me.

Then Halchal and Babban came with Krishna Bhaiya wife and then his wife pacify him to go hospital. Then Krishna and Sonam both came down and Dhruv hugs Sonam tightly. Then reporter said there is a last question left, when you both are getting married? Then Babuji said after 5 days, in lockdown.

Then reporter announced that so there is also going to happen the very first lockdown wedding in Prayagraj. Then everyone gets happy, in home Shubhadra said we have very short time to do all rituals. Then Sonam asked to Amma that is she happy with wedding? Then Amma said now media introduce you as prayagraj’s daughter in law and we announced your wedding after 5 days. Then what I say.

Precap- Amma say I did wrong that I said so openly, now I will show that I am also a Groom’s mother. Then surely these mumbai people goes to Mumbai