Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st December 2020 Written Update: Dheeraj gets to know about Sheetal betrayal

Lockdown Ki Love Story 1st December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Dheeraj and his wife entered the temple to do the pooja and gives the plate to the priest for doing the processing. The priest says your brother is waiting for you from a long time and they think if it’s Dhruv? Raghav comes and says I am also your brother right? He says maybe we are different among us but for outsiders we are one. He comes to them and says my mother arranges for the puja so I am here with her to give company to her.

Suddenly there are sounds of drums from outside of the temple and Raghav asks them to come outside and as there is a surprise for both. They noticed a car is coming towards them and Dheeraj and his wife are trying to understand what is happening? Milky is sleeping and her father says, you have done so wrong by sending your in-laws to jail and you should undo this as soon as possible. She says I have nothing to do now, as Dhruv has to decide stuff.

He has to decide whether he wants his parents and Milky will come with them in free or ifl he wants Sonam then he has to stay without his parents. Choice is his so instead of lecturing me, please make him understand. Dheeraj and his wife gets happy too that Sheetal is back on bail and they asks for Nutan and Shashikant but not able to see them. Dheeraj asks Sheetal about his parents but Raghav says they are still in jail. Sonam and Dhruv are discussing with the lawyer discussing about the case.

Dheeraj and his wife doesn’t understand what is going on and are so messed up at that situation. Dhruv comes home with Sonam and he is discussing with her about the legal matters and everything when he notices that there is no one in the house except Sneha. Sneha informed them that Dhiraj and our sister in law is allowed to do some Pooja in the temple of the Goddess and Sarada informed them that Sneha hasn’t eat anything yet.

Dhruv press that everything goes well in the temple because he is having a very bad gut feeling. Raghav and his family members and harassing and bullying Dheeraj and his wife in the temple and they are trying to keep come for the sake of it. however when Sheetal confesses to them about her false statement to police against their parents then n3h couldn’t control himself and he bags the gun from Raghav. He demanded today go back to the police station and change the statement but no one pays any attention to his words. Raghav tries to snatch the gun from his hand and in this process they have a physical tiff with each other.

Unfortunately , due to this a bullet was fired from the gun and Shobhakant gets injured with it. Raghav rushed to his father and he called police and get Dheeraj attested. Dhruv gets to know about the whole thing from his elder sister in law and he goes to the temple to rescue her. Raghav promises to destroy the entire family for attempting murder of his father.

Precap – Sonam decided to go back to Mumbai so that the problems can get solve.

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