Lockdown Ki Love Story 2 28th November 2020 Written Update: A ray of hope for Sonam – Dhruv?

Lockdown Ki Love Story 28th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dhruv finding it hard to believe that Milky is not bothered with his words and she is completely in the mood to take advantage of the situation. Milky says that nothing is in my hand anymore now you have to decide what you want for yourself. Dhruv gets angry on milking for her behaviour and casualness.

 He says I am thinking of you as my childhood friend and was talking to you nicely but you are blackmailing me using my parents. I really don’t understand why you are doing this to me because I have done nothing wrong with you. Milky says, I feel I am the innocent one here because if not then I will burn someone else in place of me and gives an annoyed look at Sonam. Dhruv gets angry and he says do not cross your limit.

Sonam tries to calm down because he is getting angry with her behaviour and says to Milky that everyone knows what is the truth. Soon or later it will be revealed in front of all that who did what? Sonam says to Milky if she got exposed in front of all for putting false charges on innocent people then she can get arrested as well. Milky smiled and said that I am feeling so good to see that you people care for me so much.

 However I have a piece of advice for both of you instead of me please think about your parents and what they must be going through at the lock-up this time. So please think about them and she starts to drink juice from the glass. Dhruv and Sonam come out of the hospital and he gets angry with Milky. He says that she is purposely doing all this and just to stop us from getting married she can stoop so low like this. Sonam advices him to calm down and meet a good lawyer to know what they can do in this situation.

Nutan is happy with Milky and her decision as she says that it will be a good moment for any mother in law to see her replica in her daughter in law. Milky is exactly like what I want from my daughter in law and if one cannot have that much courage I cannot.  Shashikant finds it impossible and says maybe you have lost all your thinking abilities. Nutan sales all I want is Sonam to go out of our house and our life and make. it easier.

While on the other side Shobhkant comes to meet Shashi and his entire family inside the jail. He mocks his elder brother Shashikant and says that it is very unfortunate to see that you are behind the bar for torturing your daughter in law . Shashikant asks him to leave as he is in no mood to talk .

Shobha can’t say to his elder brother and I don’t really care what you do with your life, that is your work and your destiny. However my sister Sheetal is also getting framed and will get punished for something she doesn’t do. Dhruv and Sonam went to meet one of the renowned layer and explained everything to him. He advised them that this could be thenweakest point of this case.

 Anyways at the other side, Shobha can’t dance the bail of Sheetal. Before living Sheetal was asked about what happened that day? She starts to speak the truth but stops in middle as Shobhakant makes some sign for her and asked her to give a proper statement. Sheetal goes out and  framed Nutan and Shashikant in the domestic violence case by giving her verdict in favour of Milky.

 Police also went to the house of Jaiswal and interrogated each and every member separately. Dhruv assures his lawyers that all will be on his side and he will have no difficulty to prove the truth.

Precap – Milky gets Dhruv and Sanam married inside the police station.

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