Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st December 2020 Written Update: Milky reveals her plan to Nutan

Lockdown Ki Love Story 21st December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonam saying she will come wearing the wedding dress. Raghav asks what about his happiness and choice. Sonam says after marriage there will be only his happiness and choices. Raghav asks her to repeat the same three lines so that he can feel his victory. When Sonam refuses, he blackmails her. Sonam does as he said. Sonam asks him get out. Raghav leaves asking to get ready for the marriage.

Nutan asks Milky what’s she’s her plan. Milky tells her about her plan. Sonam wakes Subhadra up. She requests her not to divorce Pratap. Subhadra asks what happened. Sonam says nothing. She says she must’ve love him and the separation will be painful. She asks to stay away from Pratap without divorcing him. She cries. Subhadra asks why she’s talking like this. Everything is sorted out and she’s going to get married to Dhruv. Why she’s worrying about a broken relationship. Sonam cries hugging her. Nutan gets happy hearing Milky’s plan. Milky hugs her.

The next morning at Jaiswal’s, they are making arrangements for wedding. Sneha is recording everything and asks every family member how they’re feeling. Deeraj and Shashikant expresse their joy. Subhadra says she can’t express her joy in words. Milky says she will not be able to speak after her daughter’s marriage with Raghav. At Shobakant’s house, Raghav is getting ready. He asks what’s her favorite perfume. Sonam cuts the call saying it won’t change his personality in anyway. Sneha comes to Sonam and asks how she’s feeling. Sonam reacts harshly to her and walking away. Dhruv notices the same.

Sonam is crying sitting in her room. Dhruv comes there with a bag. He asks why she’s crying. Sonam lies happy tears that finally their marriage is going to happen. Dhruv wipes her tears and asks then why scolded Sneha. Sonam says she remembered their previous pre-wedding shoot and got angry. Dhruv asks forget the past and live in the present. Dhruv says he learned that he can’t live without her. He then tells a joke to cheer her up. Sneha is making video to capture the memories. Sonam think in mind all this memories are going to give him only pain so that she scolded Sneha.

Sonam says he’s right. She will apologize to Sneha. Dhruv tickles her to make laugh. Both fall on the be laughing. Dhruv intertwines their fingers saying ‘i love you’. Dhruv gives her wedding lehenga and asks to get her ready. Sonam holds his hand. She asks him to come wearing his shervani. She wants to see him first and captures his picture in her heart for her lifetime. Dhruv kisses her forehead and leaves.

Shobakant, Sumitra and Sheetal are waiting getting ready for Raghav. The latter comes dressed up as groom. He asks Sumitra to stay at home and makes arrangements to welcome her daughter-in-law. Sumitra asks shockingly she will not come to her only son’s marriage. When Sumitra insists, Raghav tells if she comes she will not the marriage happen. He reveals Sonam is his bride.

Sumitra gets shocked. Sumitra cries and requests him not to like this. She request Shobakant and Sheetal to make him understand. Raghav scolds her. He takes her mobile. He locks Sumitra inside the house and leaves accompanied by Shobakant and Sheetal. At the Jaiswal’s, Sonam and Dhruv come wearing the wedding dress. Sonam says she was waiting for the day to become his bride. Dhruv holds Sonam saying that day has come. Sonam cries. She says she will always remember this moment. They hug.

The episode ends.

Precap : Raghav holds the gun towards Sonam. He shoots saying adieu Sonam. Dhruv takes the bullet saving Sonam. Sonam gets shocked.

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