Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Sonam finds out Milky’s truth

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The episode starts with Sheetal asking Ankita to do as she said. Sonam and Sneha are also with them. Ankita calls Nutan out to talk about something personal. Milky warns Nutan not to try to act smart. Milky overhears them. Ankita tells she and Deeraj are planning for baby and asks Milky’s doctor name so that they can take his advice. Nutan thinks she can’t give doctors number as he’s a fake doctor and the truth will come out.

Milky will kill her family. Milky thinks it’s their trap for her. Nutan tells they will talk about it after Dhruv and Sonam’s marriage. Sheetal tells it’s important to know doctor’s name. Sonam tells yes they can get Milky’s truth from the doctor. They wonder what to do. Sheetal tells she truns off the lights during the ceremony and asks Sneha to sneak into Milky’s room to get the doctors name. Sonam tells that doctor will tell the truth.

Nutan writes a note and places it under a necklace set. Milky comes there. She asks what’s she’s doing. Nutan shows the necklace set saying she’s going to gift it to Sonam. Milky asks her to give her whatever she wants as Sonam’s going to die today. She shows a knife and tells Nutan to kill Sonam. She asks her to hold the knife. Nutan tells she can’t do this. Her hands are trembling. Milky asks her to try. She asks Nutan to give the jewel to Sonam and come.

Nutan calls out Sonam. The latter asks what happened, why she’s scared. Nutan lies she’s fine and gives the necklace set to Sonam. Nutan asks her to open and see. Milky snatches the jewelry box from Sonam’s hand. She gives Nutan another necklace set saying to give big necklace. Sonam leaves taking it. Milky finds out Nutan’s note under the necklace. Nutan cries saying she can’t do this and begs to leave her. Milky tells she should teach her a lesson.

Sonam’s mehndi function is going on. Sneha is recording the function. Dhruv watches the function through video call. Shashikant goes to check where’s Nutan. He asks Milky to send Nutan down. Milky stops Shashikant. She thanks him for accepting her child. Shashikant asks how many times she will thank him for the same thing. Milky shows a juice glass. She asks him to drink it if he has forgiven her misdeeds. Shashikant drinks it. Milky tells she’s sweating lot and requests Shashikant to give the towel from the washroom. Shashikant agrees. Nutan comes there to take Milky downstairs.

Milky gives her the knife. Nutan tells she can’t and begs to leave her. Milky drags Nutan to the washroom and shows an unconscious Shashikant. Nutan gets shocked. Milky threatens to kill him. Milky asks Nutan to choose between her husband and Sonam. Nutan begs her to leave him. Milky asks Nutan to kill Sonam then before going to jail asks Dhruv to get married with Milky saying it’s her last wish. She gives her the knife.

Sonam is dancing with the family members. Nutan and Milky comes there. Milky signs Nutan to kill Sonam. The latter tells Sheetal that Milky has come. Sheetal leaves to turn off the lights. Sneha acts as falling down. Sneha tells it seems she sprained her leg and asks them to continue. Nutan walks towards Sonam hiding the knife under the saree.

When Nutan is about to stab Sonam, the lights go off. They hear a scream. When the lights come, all get shocked on seeing Ankita’s hand bleeding. They hear Milky’s scream and run to her room. They are stunned on seeing Sonam holding Milky stopping her from falling down form the window. They help Milky. The latter screams holding her stomach. Shashikant comes out of the washroom holding his head. Nutan asks to call the doctor

Doctor checks Milky and tells she lost her baby. Milky acts and blames Sonam. Milky lies that Sonam pushed her. Sonam asks her to stop lying. She further tells she hasn’t pushed her but in fact saved her. Milky signs Nutan. The latter tells Sonam that she can’t accept the one who have killed her heir. She cancels the marriage. Everyone looks stunned.

Sheetal goes to meet Sonam secretly. Sheetal tells she doesn’t understand why Nutan who wanted to get rid off Milky, is supporting her. Sonam agrees. She tells Milky might have trapped Nutan in something. Sheetal tells many weird things happening in the house and she thinks they all connected. They decide to find out the truth behind Batasa’s death. Sonam asks Sheetal to find proof regarding Batasa’s death while she will find the truth of Milky.

The next day, Nutan tells all the family members to go to the hospital and get Dhruv discharged. She can’t come as she has to look after Milky. They agree and leave. Sonam comes to Milky’s doctor and asks to make a fake pregnancy report. She tells her friend Milky has told that he makes fake reports and gives him money. Doctor agrees to make the fake report.

The episode ends.

Precap : Sonam confronts Milky. Sonam tells Milky she got to know her truth. Milky stabs Sonam and drags her body.

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