Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th September 2020 Written Update: Buaji swears to break Dhruv and Sonam Wedding

Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts Amma said to Shubhadra to tell her rituals. On this Shubhadra said I don’t know more about rituals so as you will say I will do it. Then Amma said ok tomorrow is Haldi Ceremony of my Dhruv so if both mom wouldn’t ready turmeric from their hands then how will the colour will come? On this Shubhadra and Dhruv gets happy and Dhruv hugs Amma from back and said I love you to her.

Ahead, Dheeraj dealing with Panditji on phone for Haldi Ceremony Puja, then Dheeraj said to Ankita that Amma said me to check once again in phone that if there is any photo left so delete it. Ankita gave her phone to Dheeraj for check, Dheeraj checks the phone in which one photo got left. Dheeraj told this Ankita so Ankita become nervous and said on that moment Amma was scolding me, maybe that’s why one photo got left by mistake.

Then Dheeraj said it’s ok the photo is good you can keep this photo in your phone make sure that anyone don’t see it. Later Sonam was sleeping in her room with Tanu and Dhruv came suddenly in dark so Sonam got scared, and make noise so Tanu asked her in sleepy posture that what happened? But Sonam make an excuse that nothing she need water but water is not here so she is going to take water.

Dhruv takes Sonam to terrace, where Dhruv praised Sonam for how maturely she handle the matter today, and there is only 4 days left in their wedding. After which Dhruv gets romantic but Sonam stops him and said there is only 4 days left. Then she went back to sleep, in morning Dhruv and Amber was setting up camera and laptop so Babuji asked them how much time more? Relatives would be coming soon hurry up.

Babuji reveals to Pratap that because of pandemic situation all the relatives will join us in haldi ceremony online. Amma and Shubhadra came with Haldi, then Dhruv gets so exited for Haldi and said to do haldi quickly, but Amma said before Haldi we have to the ritual of Maati Matkor. Sonam asked about that as she didn’t know what is it so Amma reveals in this we do prayers from our ancestors and asked their permission for wedding.

Amma said for we need 5 married women for Maati Matkor ritual, then she said me, Ankita, Sheetal Ji (Buaji), and Shubhadra ji you and Tanu. Firstly you helps us in our Maati Matkor then we do it in yours. Then they all starts the ritual in home as lockdown is going on, so firstly Amma did dholak puja then Dhruv and Sonam together did rest of ritual. During which Buaji said in their heart that Sonam Goel now doing it ritual happily, but I will not let you marry with Dhruv.

Precap- Dhruv’s childhood friend Milky came, Amma and Pratap deals for breaks Dhruv and Sonam Wedding. Buaji said to Milky that she will marry her with Dhruv.