Lockdown Ki Love Story 30th September 2020 Written Update: Buaji applies mehndi on Milky’s hands

Lockdown Ki Love Story 30th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode of Lockdown Ki Love Story starts with Dhruv said to Amber to not to tell anyone that he is sleeping on floor. Amber agreed and said ok bro but Dhruv said now all wedding ritual are started and you still call me bro it’s not good call me Jijaji. Then Amber said ok Jijaji and secretly clicks a photo of Dhruv of sleeping on the floor.

On the other side Milky enters in Sonam and Sneha’s room, so Sonam said to Milky that it’s great Milky that you come I want to listen Dhruv’s childhood stories from you but Milky refuses and said she is so sleepy today and start applying mattress on the floor for sleeping.

On this Sonam said to Milky why are you going to sleep on floor here is sufficient space are available on bed for you to sleep. But Milky said she likes to sleep on the floor, only then Sneha receives a photo from Amber of Dhruv’s sleeping on the floor one. So Sneha also show it to Sonam and said it is the ritual in which bride and groom live life like a priest so the any hurdle will not come in between wedding.

On this Milky said maybe he likes to sleep on the floor like me? On this Sneha clarifies to Milky that Dhruv Bhaiya always used to sleep on bed he must be did this so any hurdle will not come in between wedding. So Sonam also went to Milky and insists to her for sleeping on bed so she can sleep on the floor like Dhruv, but Milky said you will not be comfortable in it you sleep on bed but Sonam insists hard to Milky by saying if my Dhruv can sleep on the floor then I can also you please sleep on bed and both started fight with each other by pulling pillow.

Amma arrived in room and stop both of them from fighting, on the other side Shubhadra asked for inhaler to Pratap, firstly tried to hard that he didn’t hide her inhaler but then Shubhadra said I know you did hide my inhaler so he gave inhaler to Shubhadra, and said I did this only on Sonam. Then Shubhadra said ohh really! You was going to murder of me, and both get fight. On the other side, Amma scolds Sonam and Milky and said why are you both fighting like kids? There is many rooms and bed we have, then Sneha clarifies that them both are fighting for sleeping on the floor.

So then Amma said to Milky for sleeping in another room, so Milky went from there to another room, and Sonam thanks Amma. In another room Milky was lying on the floor while thinking that I am sleeping on the floor only for you Dhruv, because without any Haldi or Mehndi I only loves you from childhood.

In morning Babuji and everyone was waiting for morning tea but only then Amma came and said there is no more milk in home so I sent Batasa for buying milk from shop. But then Batasa came and reveals that there is huge shortage of milk in market I tried to buy milk from many shops but everywhere milk is not more left.

Sonam suggests everyones to drink black coffee of her hand instead of tea today but only then Milky said to Batasa to bring Milk from her home. Then Milky made tea for everyone and Buaji praises Milky for made such a nice tea, and said without tea morning will not good, on this Dhruv said Sonam also does make awesome black coffee and it also give a nice start to day. Then Sonam said to Amma that today is Mehndi and she likes mehndi so much.

From this Amma gone upset and went to her room, and then Buaji and Milky also went to her room for pacify her, then Buaji said don’t worry you just chill and go down for mehndi here we will apply same mehndi on Milky’s hands as Sonam so Milky asked but what will happen just from applying mehndi on this Buaji said just wait and watch then Mehndi ceremony starts and Tanu applying mehndi on Sonam’s hands and on the other side Buaji to Milky.

Precap- Buaji said to Amma that see how’s Milky separates Dhruv from Sonam easily. Dhruv and Milky having tea together and Sonam saw them together.