Lockdown Ki Love Story 8th October 2020 Written Update: Amma tries to burn herself

Lockdown Ki Love Story 8th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dhruv said to Amma that I just want clarification that did you know that there was Milky in bride’s attire instead of Sonam. Then Amma firstly didn’t react but later she said you think Sonam is right? Then ok, from today you lost your mom, and went from there. Dhruv sit on sofa in tension and Sonam tried to console him, only then Amma back with kerosene oil and stated pouring it on herself.

Dhruv and all the family members step foward to stop Amma but she takes fire stick from Havan Kund. And said, that if anyone comes to save her then she burn herself without saying her last thing. Babuji tried to calm down Amma and said are you gonna mad? You want to leave your household, your children like this?

Amma said, Yes I am mad that’s why I want to leave you all I don’t want to after becoming wrong, you only agreed with Sonam point in your view only she is right, then ok I am going. Who is right for whom, they got it but that thing you can’t be understand today, you think I am wrong. Then Dhruv starts to beg Amma for don’t hurt themselves by going on knees but Amma said earlier I was agree for your and Sonam marriage when you came like this.

But now still I am wrong that’s why I am going, and drops fire stick on herself, and then everybody started trying to saved Amma from getting burnt. Dhruv saved Amma and then lying her of sofa, then Amma said why you save me? Only then Ankita came with burnt repellent, so Sonam tried to applied it on Amma wounds but she rejects from getting treatment from Sonam.

Even she said she don’t want to see her face, but Sonam tried to pacify her. Then Dhruv pull away Sonam from Amma and said because of you today my mom was going to die, that’s why now I don’t want you in my life nor your family get out you all, and said Batasa to throw out their luggage from home. Sonam tried to pacify him but he didn’t want to listen anything, then Shubhadra also tried to pacify Dhruv but Pratap stops her by saying do you want to more insult?

Dhruv again said Batasa to throw out Sonam’s and their family luggage from his home. Then he holds Sonam hand and throw her out from home, her family also went to console Sonam then Dhruv was going to shut the door, Babuji tried to stop him but Dhruv said him to not come in between and shut the door. Then Sonam and her family went from there and Sonam gone back to memory lane and recalls her and Dhruv good moments, on the other side Dhruv started throwing everything, from one place to another in home and everyone tries to console him.

Precap- Dhruv said Milky to over this wedding drama and go home but her mom rejects from taking her home back, Police stops Sonam and family and said them to go back home but Sonam said we have no home here. And where we was come, that people threw us out from home. Milky gets excited to go mumbai with Dhruv.

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