Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th November 2020 Written Update: Raghav comes to Jaiswal house

Lockdown Ki Love Story 9th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

A man says cheating or medicine are necessary at some places, but his entry is needed in this story at Jaiswal house. Its been many years he met Dhruv, Shashikant’s younger son. He would be shocked to see this video, their meeting should have some meaning. He sees Jaiwal family photo in his car and proceeds towards their house. His name is shown as Raghav Jaiswal on car name plate. On the way, he sees a shop and remembers his fight with Dhruv in public, Raghav is Dhruv’s cousin. Raghav vowed to even terms with Dhruv as that was relation of enemies.

Milky taunts Sonam this is difference between real bahu, forcedly made bahu. She is eating like in a restaurant, that too for free. Sonam tells Milky to convey thanks to Batasha as she didn’t cook food, she asks Milky to go and do her work.

Dhruv comes and holds Sonam hand making her stand. He says she wanted him to patiently hear her side of story, he is ready to hear now and asks her to tell what happened on marriage day, family members come hearing his voice, Sheetal says why to waste time on Sonam’ words, she will lie. Nutan asks Dhruv when will he learn to trust his mother, should she write on her forehead that she didn’t do any mistake. Dhruv asks them to stop, Sonam will speak. Bhabhi, bauji signal Sonam to tell everything. Sonam says she was so excited for their marriage, Milky was helping her in every small tasks, so she trusted her.

Milky asked if Sonam really won’t get make up done, Sonam cited lockdown reasons, Milky suggested her mother is beautician, she should go to their home, Sonam didn’t agree but Nutan said she would feel good if she gets make up done. So Sonam went to Milky’s house, she became unconscious and wake up after long time, she came to jaiswal house and Dhruv married another girl. Dhruv gives her ek saptah, one week to show proofs of her words, otherwise she has to leave the house, he doesn’t want to drag this anymore.

Raghav comes home and rings the bell, Bhabhi opens the door and is shocked to see him, Dhruv asks who came, she fully opens the door and everyone is shocked to see Raghav. Raghav greets pranam putting his hand together, he can’t touch her feet as there’s Corona and maintains social distancing. He comes inside and greets Shashikant as badke bauji.

Dhruv asks how dare he come to their home, Raghav says car is needed to come to their home, not dare. His car is more costly than Dhruv’s, he asks Dhruv what he learnt by studying in Mumbai. He saw Sonam on TV and praises her to be more beautiful in real. Dhruv hits him and pushes him to the wall.

Precap: Raghav shows Milky’s mother video of telling the truth behind marriage, he says there’s price to everything

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