Loopholes in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Star plus one of the most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is keeping the audience glued to their seats with its interesting storyline and major twists is also not without loopholes. One such major twist which was recently revealed is Parul is Mehul’s wife. Mishti who had gone to Rajgarh to enquire about Abir’s father Mehul Kapadia in Mela, stumbled upon Parul’s sister Lalita who revealed a shocking truth that Mehul married Parul and left for Rajgarh once he got a job. As per Lalita’s statement, he had promised Parul to visit often but soon they heard he was facing court trial. A seven month pregnant Parul left to Rajkot in search of Mehul.

Whereas in the story Abir is almost 5-6 years elder than Kunal. Mehul himself said to Meenakshi that he trapped her in his love and she was not aware he was already married and has a wife. If Parul is his first wife and was pregnant when he left Rajgargh to join a job in Rajkot, how come Meenakshi married Mehul and gave birth to Abir before Parul. Considering the age difference between Abir and Kunal it’s rather confusing to the audience.

Also yet another fact that makers would have overlooked is that Abir who was old enough to remember his father and his words, won’t know whether his mother was pregnant with second child and gave birth? It’s said in the show that Parul and Meenakshi are the only ones who know Abir and Kunal are not related by blood. How is that possible? Wont Nanu and Kaushal know this? Mehul even mentioned to Meenakshi during their confrontation that if he doesn’t love Abir who was born and raised before him, how can he love Kunal who born in his absence. All these mixed statements have left the audience more confused. As we reported earlier Abir will come to know about Kunal parentage in the upcoming episodes. We just have to wait and watch how the makers are going to explain the plot.