Lovely and Nandini’s accidental meet to bring twist in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala to witness interesting twist ahead.

So far in the episode, Kulfi’s doubt is turning into believe, that Sikander is not her father. Kulfi sees Chandan wiping his shoe with the handkerchief which is crafted by Nimrat. Lovely comes to Kulfi and ask her why she is not trusting Sikander. Lovely, tries to make Kulfi understand that Sikander met with accident, his face fully damaged, he lost his voice so he is behaving weird. Kulfi thinks no one believes her but she believes that Chandan is not her father and worries for Sikander.

Otherside, Pakhi, Bhola and Nandini spend quality time together. Pakhi’s grandmother enters the house. She screams on Nandini for keeping Bhola in their house. Nandini makes her understand that Bhola remembers nothing and acts childish. Nandini mother makes her understand that one day when his memory will be back he will leave her and Pakhi. There, Chandan takes Kulfi for recording the song. Music producer asked Kulfi to record a song meanwhile, Chandan was busy counting money. Kulfi gets distracted everytime looking at Chandan, later Chandan threatens Kulfi to sing well.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, kulfi hesitantly decides to obey Sikander’s doppelganger while Pakhi and Bhola spend some quality time together. Here, Lovely comes across Nandini. Lovely and Nandini’s friendship will grow and with this Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will witness high voltage drama in the coming days.

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